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    You have now been married 18 months, and you and your hubby have been carrying on life as usual, his sports team is doing fantastic and you are happy in your career, you are fortunate to never have to worry about finances with the money he earns and you live a luxurious life, but you both are still down to earth about it.
    You and your hubby decided its time to add the pitter-patter of little feet to your family.

    (1) You give birth to your twin boys and they are handsome and perfect!
    Evander Patrick Gronkowski
    Austin Robert Gronkowski

    (2) Single Boy!
    Ezra Tobias Gronkowski

    (3) Next you have a baby girl!
    Madison Penelope Gronkowski

    (4) Single Girl!
    Gwendolyn Cerys Gronkowski

    (5) Single Boy!
    Beck Sebastian Gronkowski

    (6) Single Girl!
    Piper Ariel Gronkowski

    (7) Single boy!
    Madden Finlay Gronkowski

    (8) You then have a baby boy!
    Hudson Phoenix Gronkowski

    (9) You fall pregnant again, and the doctor gives you the news that there is more than one heart beat on the ultrasound! Triplets!!! One Girl and Two boy!
    Eliana Charlotte Gronkowski
    Carson Orion Gronkowski
    Parker Thierry Gronkowski

    (10) After a few years you’re shocked to discover your expecting again! A Single baby boy!
    Elias Dean Gronkowski

    (11) Not long after the birth of your last baby you find out your pregnant again, With a baby girl!
    Harper Serena Gronkowsky

    (12) Your pregnant again, and this time you are putting your foot down and saying this is your last child. Though you love your family and enjoying raising your children you are definitely sick of being pregnant! funnily enough your last pregnancy gives your multiples again. I have twin girls.
    Hailey Justine Gronkowski
    Sadie Arden Gronkowski

    My family:
    Jorrian Gronkowski and Robert Gronkowski: Age 40 and Age 45
    Evander and Ausrin Gronkowski: Age 17
    Ezra Gronkowski: Age 15
    Madison Gronkowski: Age 14
    Gwendolyn Gronkowski: Age 13
    Beck Gronkowski: Age 10
    Piper Gronkowski: Age 8
    Madden Gronkowski: Age 7
    Eliana Gronkowski, Carson Gronkowski, and Parker Gronkowski: Age 6
    Elias Gronkowski: Age 4
    Harper Gronkowski: Age 2
    Hailey Gronkowski and Sadie Gronkowski: 11 Months

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