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Thread: Japanese names

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    I've always liked Kotomi (Koh-toh-me) and Mirai (Me-RAH-ee) (meaning: future).

    I agree with pp, it depends on the size of the racial/cultural difference. For me though, it would be a bit odd to see a fully Caucasian child with an Asian name.
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    I like Reika, Reina, and Naomi. And I would use them without hesitation (well, Naomi fights my surname, but I WOULD...) - but that is because all of them bear very close resemblance to names from my own culture, which is Jewish.

    I like that Reina has Yiddish, Spanish, and Japanese meanings, and none of them are unpleasant. There's an appeal to a name that has a broad familiarity or simple sounds. I also don't think there's much room for offense there at my kids not looking Japanese.

    That said, I do love Midori. Shame that locally, people would think I named my baby after melon liqueur.

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    I always liked 'Hanabi' for a girl, but it's a word in Japanese I would be using as a name, I don't think it's a Japanese name.

    Issues of cultural appropriation are tricky, but for my otaku peeps...many of you have made it your culture, it's not a whim.

    A lot of the people I know of this persuasion have lived and worked in Japan, learnt that language, cook the food...

    Manami is also a charming name, but then when you know someone lovely who has a name you tend to love it more :-)

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