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    Searching for the perfect middle name for Fern...

    Hi everyone,

    I'm due in March and don't know what we are having, but have always loved the name Fern for a little girl. My first question is this - our surname begins with 'N', lets just say it's Newstead. Does Fern Newstead sound awkward due to the run on with the Ns? This is really my only concern with choosing this name.

    Also looking for the perfect middle name. As Fern is quite unusual I would like something classic and grounded for the middle name. Would love to use Elizabeth but unfortunately this one is off limits. Love the rhythm when the stress falls on the second sylabble, other examples would be Sophia or Olivia but neither of these are quite right.

    Would love your feedback and ideas!

    Ruby x

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Fern is pretty! I would love to meet a little girl named Fern. I have only ever known one, and she was the mother of a girl I went to school with in elementary school. I didn't know her well enough to know if it was a good association or not.

    Fern Elizabeth would be gorgeous. Too bad it's off limits. I like the idea of an "E" mn, mainly because she could also go by Effie if she wanted, and I think Effie is just too cute for words.

    What about:

    Fern Evangeline
    Fern Emilia (or Fern Amelia)
    Fern Evelina (Fern Evelyn would be pretty, too)
    Fern Josephina/Josefina
    Fern Arabella
    Fern Natalia (might be a lot with your "N" last name, too, but I like this)
    Fern Gabriella
    Fern Isadora
    Fern Ekaterina
    Fern Adele
    Fern Penelope
    Fern Eleanora
    Fern Alessia/Fern Alexia/Fern Alexa
    Fern Zenobia (maybe a bit too out-there as a combo--as well as Fern Ekaterina--but I think it's really cute)
    Fern Giselle
    Fern Naomi
    Fern Noelle
    Fern Jemima
    Fern Liliana

    Good luck!
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    Fern is great!
    I think youre on the right track.
    Fern Madeline is the first thing that came to mind. I'd go for a middle name that's in the top 100.
    Fern Abigail
    Fern Gabrielle
    Fern Samantha
    Fern Emily
    Fern Lillian
    Fern Lily
    Fern Audrey
    Fern Anabelle
    Fern Mackenzie
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