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    What will go good with .....

    So we just found out we are having another girl!! Our daughter is 4 now and her name is Kaelyn Simone, so now I need some good suggestions for her sister to be.... What do you all think?

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    Congrats : D! What are you looking for? Kaelyn is a modern name, light and pretty, it makes me think in a way of Isla (silent s) - that's an older name, but feels very current, and is also light and pretty. Maybe another great French middle (Simone is awesome : D), Isla Noelle?

    I think in general you'll do well to go with something very current and modern but maybe without the -ay sound or ending in -n so there's good distinction. Tinley seems to fall into this categorie too. Tinley Lucille?

    If you are looking to go more classic, perhaps a name that is very popular too will go well with Kaelyn, maybe with something more current in the middle. Sophia Tinley?

    Good luck and all best!

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