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    More girls names - feedback wanted!

    Hi again! I posted yesterday and received some great feedback on some girls names I had been thinking of. I have since had some more ideas and would love some more feedback on how these names sound with our last name...

    - Sophie Otterblad

    - Freya Otterblad (do you think it would be an issue to give a kid the initials FO? What I do like about this name is that it is Scandinavian so it goes well with the Scandinavian last name)

    - Madeleine Otterblad (too many sylables or not?)

    - Caitlin Otterblad

    If you think that none of these names go, please feel free to say so and to suggest other names that do go with our last name. I generally like the more classical names.

    Thank you.
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    I like Madeleine the best with your last name(:

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    I think I like Sophie the best. I love Madeline but with a 3 syllable last name it's a bit much. I know TONS of Caitlins so although it is a nice name I would avoid it.

    Just a few suggestions

    Sadie Otterblad
    Clara Otterblad
    Chloe Otterblad
    Sarah Otterblad

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    1 Sophie Otterblad
    2 Freya Otterblad

    Caitlin is overused and Madeline is lovely but a bit long with your surname.

    Other Suggestions

    Elin Otterblad
    Saskia Otterblad
    Ingrid Otterblad
    Astrid Otterblad
    Lena Otterblad
    Maren Otterblad
    Greta Otterblad
    Elsa Otterblad
    Liv Otterblad
    Bridget Otterblad
    Sigrid Otterblad
    Sonja Otterblad
    Stella Otterblad
    Frida Otterblad
    Dagny Otterblad
    Hanna Otterblad
    All the best,

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    Sophie Otterblad is my favourite from your list. Freya is a beautiful name, but I'm not sure it flows well with the 2 vowels up against each other. Madeleine is a bit too many syllables, I agree. Caitlin just feels tired to me.

    Ruby was on your previous list, am I correct? I prefer Ruby over all the names above! Daisy or Violet could also work.

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