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    MN for Jacqueline?

    DH agreed and we decided on the name Jacqueline for our baby due next month (if this baby is a girl!) and now i'm trying to figure out what middle name to choose. I really want the name to be one of those that you hear and go "oh wow thats a beautiful name"

    I am considering family names as a MN but since no one else in my family has done this its so not a big deal if I don't

    Possible MN's i'd use (family)- Margaret/Maggie, Paige, Elle/Ella, Cecilia, Regina, Elisabeth

    Possible other idea- (opinions?) I work(ed) at the make a wish foundation for a few years and met quite a few young fighters that didn't make it, I saved all their "stories" and have them in a box in my basement. I was thinking about using "Elena" as a MN, as the little girl who died a few years ago had such a great story and I really wanted to give my daughter a name that "meant something" is this too much/creepy or is this a sweet notion? I can't decide.

    Thank you so much for any input!
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    Abigail, Beatrice, Jemima, Hazel, Matilda, Svea

    Isaac, James, Jasper, Julius, Sebastian, William

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    My name is Jacqueline, so I had to say lovely choice I think Jacqueline Elena/Elaine is very pretty. Funnily enough, my mom was reading "Valley of the Dolls" around the time I was born, so I am Jacqueline Susanne LOL!! Those who recognize it laugh, but I usually just get compliments on it

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