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    Thank you! These are good and many of them we had not thought of before. I'll keep you posted on our decision. We have some time but we're hoping to decide on a name soon.

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    hmm, I think a one syllable name for the MN would work well with Eliza, but I guess it also will have to go with your last name too. I always try to sound out the whole name, you know so when they are called up on stage for their diploma at graduation, hee hee, that is how I always think of a name when picking one

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    This is one of my first name faves and I would pair it with Belle. I have a great grandma named Annie Belle and a great grandma nameAnne Eliza. Or Eliza Kate would be cute too.

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    Eliza is beautiful! It was my favorite girls' name at one point. Eliza Gwendolyn would have been my combo, but I also liked Eliza Corinne, Eliza Violet, Eliza Madeleine, Eliza Noelle, Eliza Scarlett, Eliza Catherine, and Eliza Caroline. I also love the suggestions of Eliza Kate, Eliza Felicity, Eliza Wren, and Eliza Mary.

    What about:
    Eliza Sophie
    Eliza Pearl
    Eliza Clementine
    Eliza Gabrielle
    Eliza Tess
    Eliza Annabel
    Eliza Rachel
    Eliza Rebecca
    Eliza Ivy
    Eliza Penelope
    Eliza Beatrice

    Good luck!
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