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    Gwyneth by far, I love the NN Gwen Aria sounds very harsh to me and sounds too modern beside Eve.

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    I prefer Gwyneth to Aria, but overall I really like Gwen. Gwen Magdalen sounds lovely with Eve Anastasia.

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    Thanks for the thoughts. My husband totally threw out Gwendolyn/Gwendolen, for some reason he hates it.

    Aria is likely to stay as a mn because we have a musical background, though DH might be swayed to like another musical reference. Honestly, DH has been trying to convince me to go for his favorite name Emily and I'm so sick of it, I actually think Aria is a decent trade-in by comparison. :-P Still open to ideas though, it's just really difficult finding anything that DH and I will agree on!

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    I far prefer Gwyneth to Aria. Aria just sounds made up to me and wouldn't really stand out to me from all the Ariannas and Adriannas and all the -ia or -ana ending names. I love Gwyneth.
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    Personally, I much prefer Gwyneth Aria. It's a beautiful name, and I like that Eve would share an initial with her sister. I think Gwyneth is much less popular than Aria, as well. I've heard of multiple Arias in my small Ohio town. Aria is also just a tad bit too similar to Eve for my tastes.

    All this being said, however, both Gwyneth Aria and Eve Magdalen are absolutely stunning names and both math well in your sibset. For this reason, my overall advice would be to wait to "meet" your baby. If she looks or acts like a Gwyneth, name her Gwyneth, if not, name her Aria.


    P.S. Depending on the age of her siblings, you could ask for their input as well. This would make them feel extra special about the new baby if they got to pick her name.

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