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    Gwyneth vs. Aria

    We seem to be down to two frontrunners in the Naming Wars -- Gwyneth and Aria. I'm leaning towards Gwyneth Aria, while DH favors Aria as the first name, possibly with Magdalen as the middle.

    Just about EVERYONE gives me great feedback on Aria. They love it. But I think my hangup is the short-vowel-girl-name trend going on right now. Is an Aria just going to get lost in a sea of vowels? We had NO idea about all the Ava babies when we had Eve, and now it seems that the vowel trend is here to stay. I'm not sure popularity would have deterred us much because we were both in love with the name, but it's still such a pity to have Evie's name hated on now because everybody's sick of hearing close cousins to her name.

    The feedback on Gwyneth seems to vary. It's too dowdy next to Eve. It's too stately next to Eve. It gets ignored because everyone is in love with Aria. Ahh!! So I'm sure I will get another cross-section of opinions here and that's fine, maybe something will help us come to an agreement, or even lead us down the path where we suddenly stumble upon "the one!"
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    I like them both fine, and they both work well enough with the sibs. But I prefer Aria because Gwyneth is just too much Ms. Paltrow for my taste. Guinevere? Gwendolen? Good luck!

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    Between the two, I like Gwyneth better. Aria is cute, but it sounds a little too similar to Eve. They are both very vowel-heavy like you were saying. I think Eve, Caspian, Zephan and Gwyneth sound lovely together.

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    I think Aria goes better with Eve. Gwyneth reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow.

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    I like both names and I think your Gwyneth Aria combo is really nice. Gwyneth and Eve have a similar feel to me - underused, classic names. Aria on the other hand feels more modern though with an ethereal twist.

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