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  • Mark

    0 0%
  • Matthias

    14 56.00%
  • Michael

    5 20.00%
  • Miles

    6 24.00%
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    Which MN for Joseph?

    Hi Berries!

    Hoping to start a family with my husband in the foreseeable future. First son's name will almost definitely be Joseph and the middle name will definitely start with M. Which do you like best? Michael and Matthias have family meaning...Mark and Miles have personal meaning. Last name is one syllable, starts with B and ends with the z sound.


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    I voted for Joseph Matthias. I think Matthias makes Joseph more interesting - Michael, Mark, and Miles all feel very plain next to Joseph.

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    Ditto agirlinred, though I almost voted for Michael because my husband is Michael Joseph.



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    Thanks all! I've been leaning Matthias too, although I like all the others too (obviously), especially Miles. Also love the 2-3-1 rhythm only Matthias provides of this bunch.

    Please continue to weigh in if you want!

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    I chose Matthias because of the short last name, I think it has a great rhythm. Looks like I'm on board with several of the other comments too!

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