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    Hi! My husband and I found out that we are expecting twins, two girls. Two names we really love are Jane and Florence. We are worried about whether or not the names go together. Also, we are definitely going to have more kids and if we have a boy we will name him Paul or Thomas. Paul and Thomas are family names in both of our families, and we are set on using them. Would it be acceptable to have a daughter named Florence and a son named Thomas (because of the endings)?
    Do Florence and Jane go together?
    Do you like the names Florence and Jane?
    Would it be okay to have children named Florence and Thomas?
    I can tell that you really love the names so it would be a shame not to use them, however, I would like to see Jane Florence and Phoebe Elspeth. I like to see the same length names for siblings eg Jane, Phoebe, Tom and Paul.

    I do think that while Thomas and Florence would be nice that there is a feeling of matchiness in the combo as a sibset.

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    PS Other ideas

    Jane and Eliza, Jane Florence and Eliza Harriet
    Jane and Stella, Jane Prudence/Florence and Stella Imogen

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    Ditto what everyone else has said! All lovely names!

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