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    Thanks everyone! I love Callum and LOVE LOVE LOVE Finn but my boyfriend doesnt like any of them! What do you think of Kier and Aurelius?

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    Kier and Aurelius are a mismatched pair to my ears. Kier is SO Celtic sounding and Aurelius is SO Roman. Then there's the one-syllable versus four syllables...not a good fit to me, sorry! What draws you to Aurelius? It is a beautiful name, but Kier and Aurelius seem vastly different to me.

    I'm glad you love Finn! Would boyfriend be open to a Finn variant? There's a bunch: Finian or Finnian, Finlay or Finley, Finnegan or Finnigan, Fionn, Flynn.

    Similar to Finn:

    OR, a compromise between Aurelius and Finn: Phineas (nickname Finn!)
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    Happy naming!

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    Kier means penis in Persian-farsi, the language of Iran.

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