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    Why is this so hard?

    My husband and I are thrilled to be having a boy in late winter, however we are having a difficult time finding a name. There are several things making it hard: 1. My husband is super picky 2. Our last name is tricky, it begins with "ST" 3. I am a teacher so I have a lot of name associations. Since our last name begins with "s" an "s" first name or even a name that ends with the "s" sound, like "Chase", is out. We would like a name that ends in a hard consonant.

    So far we like John Robert (but would call him Jack) after my dad or William Robert. The problem with William is it is so popular (#5 on SS list) and my husband and I both like different nicknames. I think that it would be confusing for a child if the parents called him two different names. We want to use Robert or John as the middle name.

    I love Jack, but it seems a little plain and also common. I guess we are looking for a strong male name that is not too common, but not too creative. My husband's pick is Gary.

    Our daughter's name is Taylor. So Tyler and James have been ruled out.
    I know this is a lot, any suggestions or feedback would be great. Thanks.
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    I know a lot more little Jacks than I do Wills but I love both of them and neither one can be "too common" for me. Especially for boys, strong and classic names just never get old. I also love George, Joseph, Ben, Charlie, and Luke as other options.
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    I'm pretending your last name is Stevens. If you want a name that ends in a hard consonant, how about Elliot John _______ ? Elliot Stevens sounds pretty good to me.

    Everett John _______ ?
    Conrad Robert _______ ?
    Blake Robert ________ ?
    Derek Robert _______ ?

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    I like John William!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I actually really like John Robert here, even though it's not usually my taste. My grandfather, dad, and brother are all John Robert, actually! I would have loved if one of them went by Jack--I think it's so handsome, and my second choice for a boy at the moment.

    I have always liked Josiah Robert, too. It was the first idea I had.

    What about:
    August John
    Everett John
    Beckett Robert
    Leo Robert
    Patrick John
    Seth Robert
    Jeremiah John/Jeremiah Robert
    Boone Robert
    Micah Robert
    Felix Robert/Felix John
    Finley John
    Theodore John
    Maxwell John/Maxwell Robert

    Good luck!
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