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Thread: Alexander?

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    I'm pg and due December 6th. (Green team!) and have a pretty short list.

    So my questions on Alexander are:

    Basically WDYT?

    Its my high school boyfriends name, but I love it- should that matter?

    I wanted a strong boys name, does this fit? (in your opinion, it obviously does in mine lol)

    Do you prefer a nickname besides Alex? Xander maybe?


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    I love Alexander and it certainly fits the criteria of strong and masculine for me. I prefer Alec or Xander for a nn. The only issue is the name was No# 6 in the US last year (that's 16,634 boys). I do think that some names are just too wonderful to worry about the SSA national stats. Is Alexander popular in your area or does it matter to you very much? In regards to Alexander being the name of your high school boyfriend...if you and the baby's father are ok with this fact, then I would say go for it!
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    I guess I would find it too weird to name my son the same thing as a former boyfriend. Alexander is a classic name though. I find the nickname Xander too trendy. Good old Alex or Alec would be my choice.

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    I like Alexander, very strong. I prefer the NN Xander it seems a little more kid friendly, and more often than not every Alex I met is a girl.... I could never name my child after an ex but that is because I cannot stand most of them anymore, but as long as you and DH are cool with it, Go for it! Good Luck

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    I like Alexander a lot! I prefer it as a middle name, but it's fine as a first. I like Lex and Xander as nicknames for it, although I'm not sure how well Lex would fair. I'm sure many people would think it was Alex, or short for Alexis/Alexa/Lexi or something. Alec could work, as well. I've also heard Zane used as a nickname for Alexander, but I find that to be a bit of a stretch.

    If it doesn't bother you or your SO that it was a former boyfriend of yours, then I think it's fine. It would bother me, personally, but I think it's something you have to decide for yourself.

    Good luck!
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