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    I'm Jacquelyn Erin and a friend of mine named her daughter Jacqueline Olivia. My husband calls me Jackie, my brother and dad call me Jaxon, and my sister calls me Jax. If I introduce myself as Jacquelyn I don't usually need to correct anyone, they don't call me Jackie without asking me which I prefer. Growing up I was exclusively Jacquelyn and my parents nit-picked pronunication of the '-que' as "Ja-quell-en" not "Jac-uh-lin". So, it is up to you on pn/sp/nn. I like nn Lena! Or even Leni. I seldom run into another Jacquelyn/ine, so I agree with other posts, it is happily underused.
    ...Mommy to James Hamilton, Silas Augustine, and Sadie Ehrhardt.
    Girls- Blythe, Adeline, Freya, Sabina, Lyla, Vesper
    Boys- Archer, Barnabas, Oliver, Gideon

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    MN for Jacqueline?

    thankyou so much! now I just need to decide on a MN

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    I just posted on your other thread about a middle for Jacqueline, and I just wanted to add I go by Jacqueline and my nickname is Jacks. Unfortunately, my experience is that people do automatically shorten it to Jackie, but once I state my preference they usually honor it.

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