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    Jacqueline... WDYT?

    I'm due early December and had a totally blank name list until this morning! I took my niece to gymnastics and there was a little girl named Jacqueline and I just LOVED it.

    I think i'd never considered it because i'm not a fan of the nickname Jackie (at least not for a young child) but the little girls mother told me she goes exclusively by Jacqueline and that her family calls her "Jack-Jack" which I thought was adorable.

    So WDYT of this name?

    Possible to avoid the nn Jackie??

    Possible MN's?

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    I think Jacqueline is a pretty classic. Reminds me of Jackie Kennedy and that's not a bad thing. It's easy to avoid Jackie. My name is Jaclyn and nobody ever shortened it without me telling them too. As a kid I went by Jaclyn but now Jac is what I prefer. It's a great choice.

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    Love Jacqeline! So elegant and underused. We have never let people shorten our kids names. You dont have to have a nn. Lena might be a possibility.

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    I love this name. I agree that it's very elegant and underused.

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