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    WDYT of these names

    Hey, I've got a couple of name combos and I was wondering if you guys would tell me what you think of them. Feel free to tell me any negative things you think other kids might come up with. Also, feel free to rearrange the names into new combos or make new suggestions.

    Damien Kaleb
    Alexander Dante
    Adrian Sterling
    Dorian Zane

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    I like Adrian Sterling and Dorian Zane the best on your list. Good luck!
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    Damien Kaleb - I love Damien, I prefer Kaleb spelled with a C but in the middle it should not matter
    Alexander Dante - Flow is off, would sound better Dante Alexander
    Adrian Sterling - Sounds a little weird with the r sound in both names
    Dorian Zane - Dorian sounds a little feminine and Zane reminds me of zany, but all together not a bad combo

    I would probably switch Sterling and Kaleb and have Adrian Kaleb and Damien Sterling but that is just me. Lots of personality in this list

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    Damien Kaleb - I like Damian spelled with an "a" due to the fact that Damien with an "e" was the little Antichrist character in the Omen film series. The "C" spelling of Caleb is more raditional. Damian Caleb is fine.

    Alexander Dante - I love Alexander and pairing it with the Italian name Dante is unusual but definitely works for me.

    Adrian Sterling - The strong middle name of Sterling gives the softer Adrian a lift. This is my fave from your list!

    Dorian Zane - It's rare to see Dorian used for a boy but I like it. Zane gives Dorian a extra boost of strength.
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    My favorite is Adrian Sterling.

    I agree with others that the C spelling for Caleb looks better. IMO the K spelling is too macho -- it looks like an American Gladiator name. Both Damien/Damian and Caleb are sufficiently manly. There's no need to stregthen either name in that combo.

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