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Thread: Sunshine names

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    I agree with pp...Marigold nn Goldie is as Sunny as it gets! Clementine is also pretty sunny! I had Lucy Clementine and Heidi Clementine on my list at one stage.. They are pretty sunny combos Aurora nn Rory is another sun related name I love... She was goddess of the dawn! I actually love just Sunny too or Susannah nn Sunny...

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    I get a sunny vibe from Aviva, Umbrielle and Freya. (please vote!)

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    Roxanne/ Roxana- dawn of the day, bright, star
    Eliana- Relating to Elianos, the Greek God of the Sun
    Idalia- behold the sun
    Solstice- sun exposure
    Donoma- sight of the sun
    Kyra- like Ra, the sun
    Shideh/ Sheedeh- Persian for bright, luminous, the sun
    Zarrin- Persian for golden
    Christa- gold
    Thea- mother of the sun, moon, and dawn
    Eleanor- sun ray
    Helia- sun
    Cyrah- sun
    Soleil- the sun
    Ellen- sun ray
    Mehrnaz- Persian for the sun's glory
    Cressida- gold
    Paiva- god of the sun
    Elaine- sun ray
    Kalinda- the sun
    Talayeh- Persian for a golden ray of sunlight
    Aruna- sun
    Etain- sun goddess
    Cira- sun
    Sonita- young sun
    Helen- sun ray
    Tala- Persian for gold
    Mehry- Persian for the sun
    Elena- sun ray
    Siria- sun-bright, glowing
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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    Marigold is the sunniest of names to me. The flower even looks like a burst of sunlight.
    Completely agree! I adore Marigold.
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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