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Thread: Sunshine names

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    Sunshine names

    I'm looking for names with meanings related to sunshine or just kind of a sunny feeling. Any suggestions.
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    What comes to mind immediately are Sonia/Sonya/Sonja nn Sunny, and Susannah nn Sunny. Spanish Marisol (sea and sun), and Soledad (which means solitude, but that first syl sounds like sol, sun)

    But also...

    From (great for searching by meaning)

    Arevik - Armenian for like the sun
    Elanor - literary - Sindarin (a Tokein language) for "star sun" (interesting since I think Eleanor is related to all the Helen/light names)
    Eloise - often associated with Helios, Greek for sun, but this is probably not the etymology, it says
    Haruko - Japanese, sunlight child
    Hina - Japanese, sunlight
    Hinata - Japanese, sunflower
    Khurshid - Persian, shining sun
    Narantsetseg - Mongolian, sun flower
    Saule - Lithuanian sun goddess
    Savitri - Sanskrit, relating to the sun
    Sol - Spanish, French, sun
    Soleil - French for sun (not really used much in France apparently)
    Solveig - Norwegian, sun strength
    Suncana - Croatian, sunny
    Sunniva - Norwegian, sun gift
    Tesni - Welsh, warmth from the sun
    Uk - Korean, rising sun
    Youko - Japanese, sunlight

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    My list at the moment <3
    Natalie Esther, Odelia, Gloria, Novalee
    Gabriel Timothy, Jeremy

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    I saw Sundew on a blog recently.

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    Not really sun related..but these names are so cheerful

    Sasha Bree (sunshine breeze)
    Kadence Jubilee
    Daisy Louise
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