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    Your name is Arabella Primrose Keifer. You recently graduated college studying art. You're living in a small apartment in Brooklyn, New York. You are working as a cashier in a nearby bakery, and you love your job. You love smelling cookies baking when you walk in, you love the little kids messing their faces with cupcakes, and you've taken notice of the new baker, Nicholas Andrew Paxton. One day, just as you are leaving, this new baker stops you. He says that he bought two tickets to go to "Peter Pan" at the theatre, and his friend can't go. He asks you if you wanted to go with him. Smiling, you accept and immediately race home to decide what to wear. You wear: Coral for One Dress | Mod Retro Vintage Solid Dresses |

    You go, and you both have a wonderful time. You go home feeling dazed and delighted. It isn't long before you are both in love with each other. After two months, he proposes to you, by creating a special cupcake. The cupcake has a red heart on it and your initials piped on, and on top, is your ring. Of course, you accept, and begin to plan your wedding! Your ring looks like: Official Cartier websites & online stores - The renowned French jeweler and fine watchmaker. Bridal, Luxury Accessories, Fragrances & Exceptional Gifts

    What kind of wedding do you have, and what dress?

    Chic and modern in a city loft. DRESS: Satin Faced Organza Fit and Flare Gown - David's Bridal

    After the wedding, you move into his small home on the outskirts of the city you lived in before. His house looks like: Small Brick House - Stock Photo - iStock

    After five months with him, you decide your home is lonely, and needs children. You become pregnant! Your husband is extremely happy, and both of you can't wait to become parents. You decide you don't want to know the gender, you want it to be a surprise. You redecorate the study of your home, and it becomes a nursery for your little one. How do you decorate it? Reese | Pottery Barn Kids

    Nine months later, you have give birth to a wonderful healthy boy! You decide the middle name will be Peter, after "Peter Pan."
    DS: Wylie Peter Paxt0n

    When your baby is two, you and your husband open your own cupcake shop in the city, Neverland Cupcakes. He bakes, you decorate, and you've hired a few people to help out. It thrives, and you add in a kids playroom in the shop, so that you can watch your son while you work. Everything is working out nicely. Four years after your shop opens, you decide your son needs a sibling. You become pregnant again! This time, you decide to find out the gender, and realize you have twin girls! Your son is very excited to have sisters! But now that you are going to have a family of five, your house is much too small. You buy a new one closer to your shop. What does it look like? "Painted Lady" style home - Stock Photo - iStock

    Four months after you've moved into your house, you give birth to two beautiful baby girls.
    DD/DD: Ellery Delphine Paxton/Emery Dahlia Paxton

    Now, you have a charming old home, a quaint but thriving cupcake shop, and three beautiful children, who make you smile each day. Then suddenly, four years later in a nearby city, there is an earth quake. Your very good friends pass away, but miraculously their newborn baby girl was found alive in all the rubble. When their will is read, you are shocked to find that you and your husband are the next in line to take care of this child. Tearing, you bring her home to your family. You decide to rename her middle name "Miracle". And her first name, given by her biological
    parents, Charlotte. Your children immediately love her, and she is quickly a perfect part of your family.
    DD:Charlotte Miracle Paxton

    You have quite a busy life, with four children and your own business. You work hard to get your kids to and from activities. You bustle around in your shop, always greeting customers and trying to maintain it's status in the city as the "most lovely little bakery with a cheerful staff". One Friday night, your husband surprises you with a weekend getaway! He has already planned everything out, and you leave for your flight. Where do you go?

    While there, you become pregnant! You are very excited, as is your family. You wait for the gender to be a surprise! Nine months later, you give birth to a handsome, healthy baby boy. You decide his middle name should honor his father. His name is Bram Nicholas Paxton.

    You decide five children, a self-run business and a loving husband is enough.

    Nicholas and Arabella
    Wylie, Ellery, Emery, Charlotte and Bram

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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