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    Eben is pronounced pretty much like Evan, but with a B instead of V. Like a pp mentioned, it's like the beginning of Ebenezer.

    Also, I am a citizen of France (dual citizen with the US) which is partially why I like Gaspard. I would naturally pronounce it the French way. It's not intuitive for Americans, but it's not hard to say/learn either. (For those who don't know, the d is not pronounced...more like Gas-pahr)

    Thanks for all the thoughts so far!
    Switching careers and becoming an RN! Sadly mommy plans will have to wait until that's done. Still loving names though!

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    Rafe -- sounds like a hoodlum and a rapist
    Eben -- like this one, nice change from Evan, and a great nod to Ebenezer without getting the old geezer sound
    Gaspard -- sounds like some kind of intestinal blowout to me lol
    Nolan -- friend-of-friend has this name. It doesn't make me swoon but it's not bad either
    Olivier -- thought this was Oliver at first, so a little confusing, otherwise okay though a bit on the feminine side
    Seamus -- I hate this name because a friend has an obnoxious little dog by this name, but it seems like a dog name anyway
    Anton -- it's fine, sounds like a pro basketball player
    Malcolm -- wouldn't use it because makes me think Malcolm X, nothing wrong with the name though
    Corbin -- I kind of like this one, though it makes me think of wood corbels used in home improvement

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    Rafe - I love the sound but hate the spelling (change the f to a p = not so good). Could you swing Ralph pronounced "rafe"?
    Eben - I'm really liking this name today! I saw it on another thread and thought it was vey cool. I prn eh-ben instead of ee-ben
    Gaspard - I haven't thought about this name in a long time, it's fun to say and kind of dramatic
    Nolan - like a pp said, it's pretty much the only ends in -n name that doesn't feel trendy. I like it a lot and was very bummed out when my husband vetoed it.
    Olivier - I can't get on board with Oliver or Olivier. I think it's the Ollie nn, it just grates on me.
    Seamus - It feels really, really Celtic to me--like you're saying "I'm Irish!!" whenever you say it. That probably doesn't make any sense, sorry
    Anton - There is a car wash in the town I grew up in called Ahn-Tahn's, and for this reason the name Anton kind of cracks me up. Shouldn't be a problem for you, but I giggle when I hear it.
    Malcolm - Love this name! Love Mac as a nn, too! Again, this would have been on our shortlist if not for my husband's veto.
    Corbin - It falls into the ends in -n trend for me.
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    Rafe - I love this more and more everyday
    Eben - I don't like this, it looks like Eden but someone reversed the d
    Gaspard - NMS, I think I would like it better without the d at the end but I don't know
    Nolan - I love baseball I instantly go to Nolan Ryan, but that is not necessarily a bad thing
    Olivier - Looks like misspelled Oliver, I think it would never get spelled right in today's world
    Seamus - I am part Irish so this is a GP of mine, but it might be a bit much
    Anton - I love Anson, but this fails in comparison
    Malcolm - I go straight to Malcolm X, but I guess I am indifferent to the name
    Corbin - I like Corbin a lot

    Good Luck

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

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    Rafe - like of the list
    Eben - is that even a name?
    Gaspard - 'de la nuit' - i knew this kid with that name and they calle him, gasfart
    Nolan - just ok
    Olivier - sounds whimpy
    Seamus - another whimpy kid
    Anton - it's nice
    Malcolm - ok
    Corbin - never liked it

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