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    A few for review...

    I'm just looking for some feedback on some boy's names. Just be honest - I don't mind if you hate a name, but I'd like to know why. The more thoughts the better! Thanks!


    Switching careers and becoming an RN! Sadly mommy plans will have to wait until that's done. Still loving names though!

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    I like Oliver, Nolan, and Malcolm. Corbin is ok.

    Rafe-I like in theory, but kind of looks like rape
    Gaspard-reminds me of bas_ _rd
    Seamus-doesn't sound like it looks, so I always think of semen
    Anton-too Jonathan
    Eben-Eben now...

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    Hi Neuilly, here are my thoughts on your name list.

    Rafe - A roguish sounding name . OK but nothing exciting.
    Eben - Much better than the long version Ebenezer. Although an old name it has a cool and contemporary sound to it.
    Gaspard - I like this French version of Caspar. Depending on where you live, it may be seen as pretentious. I love Jasper too!
    Nolan - One of the few names ending in the popular "an" that I don't mind.
    Olivier - I always think of Sir Laurence Olivier when I see this French spelling of Oliver. I love it for its romantic sound and refined elegance.
    Seamus - This Irish version of James is appealing.
    Anton - Anthony with a more European and exotic vibe. Very nice.
    Malcolm - OK but the "mal" beginning bothers me a bit.
    Corbin - Not a fan. Still strongly associated with former L.A. Law actor Corbin Bernsen.
    All the best,

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    Rafe- I never been a fan of this name. I always want to "autocorrect" it to rake when I read the name.
    Eben- Never heard this name before. Is Eben pronounced with the first "e" stressed? I think I prefer that "e" unstressed.
    Gaspard- Gasp! Sounds like a butler's name.
    Nolan- Love, love, love this name.
    Olivier- Fancy name. I think it's better than Oliver.
    Seamus- Just never liked the sounds of Seamus.
    Anton- Great name.
    Malcolm- I think this name is ready to be revived.
    Corbin- Better as a last name.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Rafe - Not a fan, personally. It seems very cowboyish and too rough-and-tumble for me. I like Raphael a lot more.
    Eben - love this! I don't really like Ebenezer, but I love Eben. So so cute. I would love to meet an Eben. I considered it a while ago, but it was met with horrible reviews, so I dropped it. I still love it, though. Would you say it EE-ben or EH-ben? I personally prefer the latter.
    Gaspard - I have a friend in France who used to really like this. I'm not sure if she still does, but I'm pretty sure she likes Caspar more now... I still think it's very awesome. Maybe it would be a better MN?
    Nolan - I used to like this, but it's fallen off my radar in the past couple of years. Still completely respectable and cool, though.
    Olivier - this reminds me of Sir Laurence Olivier, too. I like Oliver more.
    Seamus - I'm not a huge fan of this, but I can see the appeal, and I like the nn Shay/Shea. It always reminds me of Seamus Heaney (the poet) and Seamus Dever (the actor on the TV show Castle). There are worse associations, I suppose.
    Anton - too Russian for me. Besides, it seems very stereotypical drug dealer.
    Malcolm - not a fan. I immediately think of Malcolm in the Middle, Malcolm X, and Malcolm from the TV show Firefly. I also think of this really cool novel I read once, and that Malcolm was actually really cool, but not enough to make me love it. Not that the other associations are bad... I just don't see the appeal of Malcolm. Sorry.
    Corbin - I see the appeal in this, but I'm not a huge fan. I like that he could go by Ben sometimes. My math teacher in high school was a Mr. Corbin, so it seems a bit odd to see it as a FN.

    Eben is my favorite, followed distantly by Gaspard. Good luck!
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