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    Middle name Jean for a boy...

    Any thoughts on a first name to go with the middle name Jean (for a boy)? I know we should really start off the process with a first name we love but we'd really like to honor a family member with this middle name. We trend towards liking timeless names, but also like some of the retro names coming back into style now. Your ideas are much appreciated!

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    French or English pronunciation? I'll assume English.

    Samuel Jean
    Michael Jean
    David Jean
    Arthur Jean
    Walter Jean
    Franklin Jean
    Thomas Jean

    Of this bunch, my favorite is Walter Jean.

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    Have you considered using the masculine spelling of Jean? Gene. Or is this French?

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    Thank you for your suggestions! I like Walter Jean as well- but our last name starts with W so I don't think it works. Samuel is another favorite but unfortunately it's already taken by a cousin... I really like Alexander and Theodore as well! We pronouce the name the English way, and I don't consider our immediate family French, but in the extended family it did come from a French background and so was spelled Jean for boys - so I think we'd like to leave it that way, esp. as a middle name a I feel like the masculine vs. feminine (English) spelling is a little less importnant (?)...
    Thanks again for your help!

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