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    You and your partner, Clayton Jeremy Danvers, have been together for 20 years, but were never legally married. Most of your kids are in their twenties, completely in control of their werewolf changes and are out of the house, exploring the possibilities their two worlds have to offer. Over the years, you and your husband have established your careers and were both successful. Your kids have a generous inheritance waiting for them...but will they get it if their parents aren't married?

    What did you do for a living? Roll the dice
    12: Psychologist

    What did your husband do for a living? Roll the dice
    11: Architect

    For your anniversary, Clayton, plans a weekend getaway for just the two of you. On Sunday night, he proposes to you! When you return home, you spend 3 months planning a beautiful, small spring wedding in the backyard of your house, surrounded by your children, family, friends, and pack members.

    Where did DH take you? Roll the dice
    11 or 12: Dubai

    How did he propose? Roll the dice
    11 or 12: He leaves a trail of rose petals for you to find and you follow it back to the hotel room, where he's waiting with a candle lit dinner and the ring.

    What does the ring look like? Roll the dice
    5 or 6:

    What does your dress look like? Roll the dice
    9 or 10:

    6 years after your wedding, your eldest child, Hunter Brooks Danvers, and his/her spouse, Novalee Joy Piper Danvers, have their first child. What is the baby's name & gender? Roll the dice
    Odd #: Boy; first & middle names honor your husband
    Name: Jeremy Clayton Danvers

    The end!!!

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