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    Your name is Lyra Miette and you are a female werewolf. Your father, Ezekiel Lachlan, is the Alpha and your mother, Philippa Persephone, is the Alpha Female, and you have several older brothers. You're also the only female werewolf in your generation of the pack. Add in the fact you're feisty and drop-dead gorgeous, all the wolf boys are on your tail.
    How old are you? 16
    Where does your family live? Hartford, Connecticut
    What do you look like as a wolf?
    How many brothers do you have? 6
    Edmund Abram
    Asa Conrad
    Ezra Hugo
    Jonah Zachariah
    Paris Malachi
    Julius Samson
    All of the guys in the pack trip all over themselves for your attention, even try to kill each other to be your mate. But you've already made your choice: the quiet, thoughtful, and mature best friend of your favorite brother, Asa Conrad, whose name is Zeno Zebedee. All he has to do is say yes...too bad he thinks of you only as his best friend's little sister.
    How old is he? 24
    What does he look like as a wolf?
    Zeno Zebedee's grandfather, Frederick Ferdinand, passes away and leaves his house to DH. You and Asa Conrad go up to visit him every other week now at his home in Hartford, Connecticut.
    What does his house look like?
    13 months after Zeno Zebedee moves into his new home, you and Asa Conrad are spending a three day weekend at the house. But on Saturday night, your brother is called into work and has to leave. You're left alone with DH. The two of you go running in the woods behind his house and, after the run, you're both hot, pumped, sweaty...and a tiny bit horny. You guys start fooling around and the next morning, your brother finds you both naked in the bushes. 7 weeks later, DH is officially your boyfriend, your father is pleased, and you're moving in with DH.

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