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    MNs for Alice...

    Alice has really grown on me in the past few days, and I'm pretty sure I want to add it to my list. I'm just trying to narrow the combos down now.

    So far, options are:
    Alice Madeleine Kate
    Alice Rebecca Kate
    Alice Penelope Kate
    Alice Clementine ____
    Alice Natalie ____
    Alice Emilia Kate

    I also really like Poppy with Alice, but I'm not sure how usable it is to me, since my children will call my dad "Poppy" (and I call my dad Papi...). Is it cheesy or a really cool connection? I was thinking Alice Poppy Elisabeth/Alice Elisabeth Poppy/Alice Poppy Evangeline.

    Any ideas to go with Alice Clementine and Alice Natalie? I was thinking something short and sweet would be nice, like Kate, Fleur, Eve, Rue, Wren, Pearl, Jane, Ruth, etc.

    I'm also open to new ideas/suggestions. Thanks!
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    thinking about:
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    I actually like Alice Madeleine Poppy and Alice Clemintine Poppy. Super cute. I think Poppy would be a sweet namesake for your father, however I would make it her second middle name, to further remove it from her first name (if your other children/ nieces and nephews call your father "Poppy"). I'm loving Alice Clemintine:

    Alice Clemintine Rue
    Alice Clemintine Faith
    Alice Clemintine Fern
    Alice Clemintine Sloane
    Alice Clemintine Ruth
    Alice Clemintine Louise
    Alice Clemintine Diane
    Alice Clemintine Sara
    Alice Clemintine Lorraine
    Alice Clemintine Lucille -probably my favorite
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    Are you totally positive you want 3 names? It can make life very hard for little alice. But, if you're positive you do:
    My fav is Alice Rebecca Kate - it mixes many styles but they fit together very nicely
    Alice Clementine Maeve
    Alice Clementine Maude
    Alice Clementine Bree

    Alice Natalie Clare
    Alice Natalie Blair
    Alice Natalie Gray
    Alice Natalie Paige
    Alice Natalie Wynn
    Alice Natalie Bell

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    I am not a fan of two middle names. However, I absolutely love all your choices, so it is hard to choose. I love Alice Amelia(spelled this way).

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    This may be too long, but I love Alice Clementine Estelle

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