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    Your name is Ellery Marie Hopkins and you are an 18 year old trainee at a famous ballet school, The Juilliard School. You've been dancing since you were six years old and dancing is your life. It gets even better when you're selected to play the leading role in an upcoming performance your school is hosting, "The Nutcracker". But it also comes with some consequences--like not being able to have a real social life and being around only other dancers most of the time.

    School is let out for the summer and you've signed up to go on a school-sponsored summer-long trip to Paris, France along with your two closest friends, Armand Louis van Hatten and Polly Jane Harford. In late June, after a hard week of dancing, you and your friends go to a local nightclub, where you meet a trio of guys. One of them--the taller, thinner, and quieter one--captures your attention. You get the shy boy talking and it turns out he's an American art student on vacation to France with his best friends, Zack and Jesse. You spent most of the night talking to him and you didn't realize until you and your friends were about to leave you forgot to ask his name. You run back to the club and ask. He smiles and says his name is Parker.

    Even though Paris is a big city, you keep bumping into Parker. You have several romantic rendezvous with him in Paris, as well as in other parts of France. On the day he's set to leave, he stops by the flat you're sharing with your friends and gives you a piece of paper with all of his contact information and a quick peck on the cheek. He's on your mind for the rest of the summer. Then, you forget all about him when you get back home and serious with dancing.

    4 years later, you've graduated and are now a professional dancer working for a company called Ballerina Shoes. You're also still single and have no children. You'd never admit it, but you feel guilty you've never kept in touch with the guy you met in Paris. Then, as if it's Fate, your company goes on tour with its latest performance of "Giselle" to San Diego, California and you swear you saw Parker in the audience. Of course, you could be wrong.

    After the show, you sign fans autographs, then you and the other dancers return to your dressing rooms. In your room, there is a gorgeous bouquet of roses waiting for you. The card says, "Meet me at Cafe De Paris tomorrow night at seven. I'll be waiting. Love, Parker." You're literally jumping up and down, you're so excited. The following night, you dress yourself to the nines and meet him at seven--even skipping a staff meeting. But it was worth it--you had the time of your life and have fallen head over heels for Parker!

    Parker is now officially your boyfriend and he comes to almost every show. But 3 weeks later, your company is ready to move to a different state. You're devastated. So much so you can't concentrate on dancing and, on the final show of the week, you fall on stage and severely break your leg. At the hospital, the doctor gives you the worst thing you could tell a dancer: you'll never dance again.
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