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    Your Name is: Savannah Amy Montgomery
    Your Husbands Name is: Hunter Cameron Montgomery
    Where do you live? Charlottesville, VA
    What is you and your husbands occupations? College Proffesors
    We have a boy: Josiah Sven
    We have a boy: Oliver Brady
    We have a boy: Allen Dakota
    We have a girl: May Addison
    We have triplets, two girls and a boy: Jane Alice / Caroline Julia / Elliot Riley
    We have a boy: Ivan River
    We have a boy: August Benjamin
    We have a girl: Edith Anastasia
    We have a boy: Hunter William
    We have a girl: Evangeline Lydia
    We have a boy: Nate Austen
    We have twins, boys: Kenneth Ryder / Scott Romeo

    Hunter and Anna Montgomery; Josiah, Oliver, Allen, May, Jane, Caroline, Eli, Ivan, August, Edith, Hunter (II), Eve, Nate, Ken, and Romeo Montgomery.

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    My Life:
    Your Name is: Gwendolyn Hope
    Your Husbands Name is: Lyle Sebastion
    Where do you live? Chapel Hill, NC
    What is you and your husbands occupations? I am an orthodontist, and Lyle is an anesthesiologist in his family's medical practice.

    My Children:
    Clement Luca (24)
    Oliver Malloy (21)
    Beau Alvin (19)
    June Alexis (17)
    Graham Cooper, Daisy Eleanor, and Cecelia Josephine (14)
    Imogen Laurel (12)
    Indiana Clementine (11)
    Clara Nicoline (8)
    Maddox Christian (6)
    Flora Margaret (5)
    Nate Gatsby (2)
    Lucille Sophia "Lucy" and Stephanie Piper "Steph" (4 months)
    Proud mommy of Annemarie Belle, and expecting another daughter in November.

    People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.
    - Leo J. Burke

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    You: Sarah Nicole
    Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

    Husband: Jesse Ryan
    Occupation: Movie stage manager.

    Live in: North Carolina

    B: Zephaniah Axel
    B: Dallas Dillon
    G: Arabella Arden
    G: Morning Grace
    B/B/G: Riley Creed, Elliott Fleet, Rhiannon Ophelia
    G: Indigo Rain
    B: Houston Logan
    G: Rumer Nicoline
    B: Rocket Alexander
    G: Mirabel Elinor
    B/G: Kenneth Romeo, Shyanne Stella
    Sera Holly Alissa Serenity Krystal Kyra Lacey Bethany Summer Kabrina Kimber Saraphina Paige Flora Layla Brittany Kairi Arabella Abigail Juniper Baylee Cinnamon Lyric Astrid Lilac Lora Stephanie Norah Karina Faith Bree Katara Maddison

    Anthony Rhian Angel Aragon Tobias Bruce Terance Tristan Rory Bradley Ellison Wyatt Blake Chase Carson Terren Kayden Daniel Jaye Lysander Caspian Karter Nicholas Corie Mason Austin Jethro Kolton Ezekiel Logan Kenneth Memphis Skyler Echo Oak Kai Morgan Keith

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    Your Name is: Brianna Marie Foster (nee Campbell)
    Your Husbands Name is: Michael "Mike" Allen Foster
    Where do you live? Springfield, Illinois
    What is you and your husbands occupations? Kindergarten teacher and college professor

    DD: Rebekah Ivy Foster [26]
    DS: Wyatt Nolan Foster [24]
    DD: Belle Arden Foster [23]
    DD: Holiday Grace Foster [21]
    DD/DS/DD: Daisy Alice Foster, Cooper Elliott Foster, and Lola Jane Foster [18]
    DS: Ivan Stone Foster [15]
    DS: Ryder Gabriel Foster [13]
    DD: Emma Louise Foster [12]
    DS: Talon Lucas Foster [10]
    DD: Matilda Anne Foster [7]
    DS: Dex Lennon Foster [6]
    DD/DS: Samantha Piper Foster "Piper" and Wayne Miles Foster "Miles" [2]

    Brianna and Mike have Rebekah, Wyatt, Belle, Holiday, Daisy, Cooper, Lola, Ivan, Ryder, Emma, Talon, Matilda, Dex, Piper, and Miles.

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    Your Name is: Wren Alice Jones
    Your Husbands Name is: Edward Pruitt Jones
    Where do you live: New York.
    What is you and your husbands occupations: Sports journalist and author.

    (1) If you are right handed you have a boy:

    Levi Brooks

    (2) Your second pregnancy produces a son:

    Brady Kiernan

    (3) If you wear reading glasses, permanent glasses or contacts you then have a girl. If you don't need any of those you then have a boy.

    Beau Auden

    (4) On Valentines day you give birth to a beautiful baby girl:

    June Ella

    (5) After a few years of raising your 4 children you decide to add to your family again. You fall pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl:

    Riley Quinn & Eloise Cecelia

    (6) If your birthday month is between JanuaryJune you have a boy:

    Ian River

    (7) If you prefer silver jewelry you have a boy:

    West Aiden

    (8) Soon you are pregnant again, this time with a Girl, she shares the same birthday as her Daddy:

    Emma Charlotte

    (9) On a date night celebrating your wedding anniversary you fall pregnant again, you are one fertile momma! You give birth nine months later to a cute baby boy:

    Ace William

    (10) When your youngest son starts preschool you realize that you may be pregnant again, you take a home test and it confirms you are expecting again. You decide to wait until the birth to find out the gender. Months later you give birth to a happy healthy baby. If you do not wear a watch you have a girl.

    Adeline Georgiana

    (11) When your youngest baby is only a year old you discover you are expecting again! You cannot believe it! You also decide to keep this baby’s sex a surprise. If your last baby was a girl you give birth to a boy:

    Charlie Beckett

    (12) 4 years later at a routine doctor check-up you are told you are expecting again, and with twins! This is most definitely your last pregnancy! If you prefer apples you have BG Twins:

    Lee Dashiell & Lilian Stella

    Levi, Brady, Beau, June, Riley, Eloise, Ian, West, Emma, Ace, Adeline, Charlie, Lee, & Lilian.

    Charlie Elizabeth | Eliot Lucie | Finlay Maeve | Lennon Grace | Maisie Larkin | Sadie Jane
    Amelie Rose | Ezri Madeline | Lily Harper | Olive Katherine | Violet Wren

    Aidan Christopher | Brady Miller/William | Charlie Bennett | Finlay Andrew | Greyson David | Milo Bennett | Ronan James
    Ciaran Ellis | Jackson Paul | Jonah Lachlan | Julian Beau | Levi Declan | Ryder Bailey | Waylon Brooks

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