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    Your Name is: Cynthia Katherine Finnegan-York, aged 60
    Your Husbands Name is: Wallace Scott York, aged 61
    Where do you live? London, UK
    What is you and your husbands occupations? TEFL/Accountant.

    1. Boy: Jeremiah Kingsley York 'Jem', aged 35
    2. Boy: Barnaby Nolan York 'Banner', aged 32
    3. Girl: Rosalind Amity York 'Rosie', aged 30
    4. Girl: December Alexis York 'Lex', aged 28
    5. Boy/Girl Twins: Jethro Dylan & Cecilia Prudence York 'JD' & 'CeCe', aged 23
    6. Girl: Isadora Maple York 'Dora', aged 22
    7. Boy: August Elijah York 'Gus', aged 20
    8. Girl: Audrey Nicoline York 'Audi', aged 19
    9. Boy: Maxen Friedrich York 'Max', aged 17
    10. Girl: Clementine Margaret York 'Tina', aged 14
    11. Boy: Hank Fitzgerald York 'Fitz', aged 12
    12. Boy/Boy Twins: John Hudson & Raymond Julian York 'Jack' & 'Ray', aged 8

    Jeremiah, Barnaby, Rosalind, December, Jethro, Cecilia, Isadora, August, Audrey, Maxen, Clementine, Hank, John & Raymond.
    Just a 16 year old girl obsessed with names and naming things not yet here.

    Alice Jayne | Azalea Juliet | Charlotte Ophelia
    Elizabeth Blythe | Poppy Artemis

    Archer William | Henry Tobias | Leo Alexander
    Rowan Elijah | Theodore Michael

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    West Midlands, UK
    Your Name is: Eloise Mabelle. Your Husbands Name is: Richard Francis. Where do you live? Devon, England. What is you and your husbands occupations? YA Author and Paediatrician respectively. Birth1: Bartholomew Brooks. Birth2: Damien Brennan. Birth3: Keeley Dakota (boy) Birth4: Holiday Elizabeth. Birth5: Cooper Rigby and Caroline Athena. Birth6: Imogen Juniper. Birth7: Carson Alexander. Birth8: Harlow Anastasia. Birth9: Maxen Nikolai. Birth10: Tobias Henry. Birth11: Kate Everly. Birth12: Scott Hudson and Arthur Beckett. ~~~ Ellie (40) and Ricky (47) with: Tolly (23), Damien (21), Keeley (19), Holi (18), Coop (15), Cally (15), Immy (12), Carson (11), Harlow (9), Max (8), Tobias (5), Kate (4), Scott (nb) and Art (nb).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    metami43 Guest
    Names: Elora Darlene and James Marlon Davidson
    Springfield MO
    1st Grade teacher and Commercial Photographer

    Abner Levi 22
    Ryder Donovan 20
    Bonnie Amica 19
    Sunday Elizabeth 17
    Rosemary Caroline, Eleanor Ivy and Rigby Axl 16
    Iola Rain 15
    London Victoria 13
    Diana Marie 11
    Fox Alexander 9
    Violet Sophia 5
    Hank Autry 4
    Scott Owen, Cindy Piper NB

    AL, Rye. Bonbon, Sunny, Rosie, Ellie, Rigs, IO, Lonnie, Di, Fox, Vi, Hankers, Scotty, Cinderella

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    Your Name is: Sarah Rose
    Your Husbands Name is: Nathaniel Elijah
    Where do you live? Massachusetts
    What is you and your husbands occupations? Both nurses

    (1) If you are left handed you have a girl
    Name: Keziah Haven "Cas"

    (2) Your second pregnancy produces a son
    Name: Brady Kiernan

    (3) If you wear reading glasses, permanent glasses or contacts you then have a girl.
    Name: Callista Auden "Callie"

    (4) On Valentines day you give birth to a beautiful baby girl
    Name: Autumn Grace

    (5) After a few years of raising your 4 children you decide to add to your family again. You fall pregnant with twins.
    If you have curly hair you have BBG
    Names: Elliott Cooper, Dylan Nash, & Natalia Sadie "Lia"

    (6) If your birthday month is between JanuaryJune you have a boy,
    Name: Isaac Shale

    (7) If you prefer gold jewellery you have a girl.
    Name: Addison Michelle "Addy"

    (8) Soon you are pregnant again, this time with a Girl, she shares the same birthday as her Daddy
    Name: Diana Charlotte "Ana"

    (9) On a date night celebrating your wedding anniversary you fall pregnant again, you are one fertile momma! You give birth nine months later to a cute baby boy
    Name: Hunter James

    (10) When your youngest son starts preschool you realise that you may be pregnant again, you take a home test and it confirms you are expecting again. You decide to wait until the birth to find out the gender. Months later you give birth to a happy healthy baby.
    If you do not wear a watch you have a girl.
    Name: Genevieve Sophia "Gen"

    (11) When your youngest baby is only a year old you discover you are expecting again! You cannot believe it! You also decide to keep this baby’s sex a surprise. If your last baby was a girl you give birth to a boy.
    Name: Misha Lowell

    (12) 4 years later at a routine doctor check-up you are told you are expecting again, and with twins! This is most definitely your last pregnancy!
    If you prefer apples you have BG Twins
    Names: Emmett Miles & Samantha Mason "Sammy"
    Anastasia Danielle * Kate Madeleine * Cassia Violet * Maison Sofia

    Elias James * Isaac Greyson * Noah Everett * Caelan William

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    Your Name is: Alyssa Lorraine
    Your Husbands Name is: Jacob Matthew
    Where do you live? Chicago, IL
    What is you and your husbands occupations? I'm a PTA, he's a policeman.

    (1) Isaac Brooks
    (2) Shane Nolan
    (3) Kenneth Dakota
    (4) Summer Alexis
    (5) Natalia Iris, Lola Rosemary, Hendrix Creed
    (6) Isaiah Sage
    (7) August Gabriel
    (8) Audrey Isadora
    (9) Zane Philip
    (10) Violet Sophia
    (11) Jud Lennon
    (12) Monroe Hudson, Zena Piper

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