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    Oct 2012
    South Carolina
    Your Name is: Amburli Nicole Marden
    Your Husband’s Name is: Christopher NMN Marden

    Where do you live? SC
    I’m a police officer, and he’s a play-writer for the WWE.

    DS: Cyrus Luca MardenCy
    DS: Max Nolan MardenMax
    DS: Keeley Dakota MardenKoty
    DD: Autumn Grace MardenGracie
    DS/DD: Dylan Henley Marden & Natalia Jane Marden “Dyl & Leah
    DS: Icarus River MardenRiver
    DS: Colton Joseph Marden “CJ”
    DD: Harlow Eloise MardenHarlow
    DS: Ryker William MardenRy
    DD: Adeline Sophia MardenAdele
    DS: Freddie Emerson MardenRed
    DD/DD: Mercedes Olivia Marden & Shiloh Romy MardenSadie & Shiloh

    Amber & Chris’ Beautiful Family!
    Cy, Max, Koty, Gracie, Dyl, Leah, River, CJ, Harlow, Ry, Adele, Red, Sadie, & Shiloh.
    Little Bean #1: Due June 27, 2017
    Will the baby be
    Korra Jane, or
    Kai Woodford?

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