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    Mar 2014
    DW: Lindsay Kathleen Julia
    DH: Clayton James "Clay"
    Where do you live? Toronto, Ontario
    What is you and your husbands occupations? Travel Agent & Musician

    DS: Seth Levi (23)
    DS: Brady Cullen (21)
    DD: Calla Amy (20)
    DD: April Elizabeth (18)
    DS/DD: Jett Elliott/Quinn Caroline (16)
    DS: Ian Ash (14)
    DS: August Alexander (13)
    DD: Harper Amalia (11)
    DS: Zane William (9)
    DS: Atticus Henry (5)
    DD: Kate Presley (4)
    DD/DD: Casey Charlotte/Avis Everly (NB)

    Lindsay, Clay, Seth, Brady, Calla, April, Jett, Quinn, Ian, August, Harper, Zane, Atticus, Kate, Casey & Avis.

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    Feb 2014
    Your name is: Sarah Ann
    Your Husbands Name is: Garrett Lynne
    Where do you live? New York City, New York
    What is you and your husbands occupations? Biologist and doctor respectively.

    (1) If you are right handed you have a boy

    Name: Eli Quincy

    (2) Your second pregnancy produces a son

    Name: Orion Fitzgerald

    (2) If you wear reading glasses, permanent glasses or contacts you then have a girl.

    Name: Rosalind Nakotah

    (4) On Valentines day you give birth to a beautiful baby girl
    Her Middle name from:

    Name: Solstice Navaeh

    (5) After a few years of raising your 4 children you decide to add to your family again. You fall pregnant with twins.
    If you have wavy hair you have BG

    Names: Elliott Jagger, Crimson Genesis

    (6) If your birthday month is between JulyDecember you have a girl

    Name: Imogen Blossom

    (7) If you prefer gold jewelry you have a girl

    Name: Madeline Josephine

    (8) Soon you are pregnant again, this time with a Girl, she shares the same birthday as her Daddy
    Middle name from:

    Name: Maya Marie.

    (9) On a date night celebrating your wedding anniversary you fall pregnant again, you are one fertile momma! You give birth nine months later to a cute baby boy

    Name: Zane Nikolai

    (10) When your youngest son starts preschool you realise that you may be pregnant again, you take a home test and it confirms you are expecting again. You decide to wait until the birth to find out the gender. Months later you give birth to a happy healthy baby.
    If you do not wear a watch you have a girl.

    Name: Clementine Darcy

    (11) When your youngest baby is only a year old you discover you are expecting again! You cannot believe it! You also decide to keep this baby’s sex a surprise. If your last baby was a girl you give birth to a boy.

    Name: Alfie Gatsby

    (12) 4 years later at a routine doctor check-up you are told you are expecting again, and with twins! This is most definitely your last pregnancy!
    If you prefer bananas you have BB Twins

    Names: Wilfred Beckett, Monroe Jackson

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    Apr 2010
    Rhode Island
    Me: Fiona Elizabeth Fiorentino (Weaver).
    DH: Joshua Michael Fiorentino.

    1. Tobias Bradley Fiorentino.
    2. Collin Ryan Fiorentino.
    3. Aden Dakota Fiorentino.
    4. Summer Emilia Fiorentino.
    5. Henley Elliott Fiorentino.
    6. Athena Eleanor Fiorentino.
    7. Isaac Aspen Fiorentino.
    8. Aaron Matthias Fiorentino.
    9. Joan Ariel Fiorentino.
    10. Diego Edward Fiorentino.
    11. Ingrid Jane Fiorentino.
    12. Lenni Clark Fiorentino.
    13. Milan Royal Fiorentino.
    14. Joel Dashiell Fiorentino.

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    Your name is: Catherine Ophelia Reed
    Your husband’s name is: Noah Benjamin Reed
    Where do you live? Nashville, TN
    What are your occupations? I am a meteorologist, he is a veterinarian

    DS: Elias Vincent
    DS: Max Finnegan
    DD: Arabella Arden
    DD: Sunday Elizabeth
    DS/DD: Alice Caroline & Graham Elliot
    DD: Isabel Primrose
    DD: Madeline Josephine
    DD: Beatrix Amelia
    DS: Zane Alexander
    DD: Clementine Sophia
    DS: Archie Beckett
    DS/DS: Hank Dashiell & John August

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    Your name is: Avery April Wilson
    Your husband's name is: Zack Ryan Wilson
    Where do you live: Seattle, Washington
    What are your Occupations: Anaesthesiologist and Civil Engineer

    1. Levi Carter
    2. Jake Donovan
    3. Belle Amity
    4. Winter Ava
    5. Levon Axel and Lily Athena
    6. Isabel Snow
    7. Maisie Jacqueline
    8. Eleanor Louise
    9. Axel Theo
    10. Jasper Bertram
    11. Cassie Chanel
    12. Diane Mabel and Darryl Mason
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