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    Always on the hunt for something fresh, here's my top twenty four:
    Annabelle Eulalie Estelle Helena Lorna Lucille Maeve Nina Noelle Romilly Simona Wilhelmina
    Francis Frederick George Henry Jonah Magnus Phillip Sidney Stanley Vincent Walter Wilfred

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    You are Miss Helenas and it's your first year at Albuquerque East High . You come to class late, and have to take attendance. You go down your class list.

    1. Shanna Makenna Shallow nn Shay
    2. Paige Melissa Thyman
    3. Jessamine Heather Ross nn Jessa
    4. Chase Boston Kafatos
    5. Tyler Edwin Heath nn Ty
    6. Jeremy Turner Heath nn Remy
    7. Arusha Elle Kolassa nn Rue
    8. Rachelle Carlotta Irving
    9. ABSENT
    10. Kenneth Rowan Solly nn Ken
    11. Damien Avery Luna
    12. Carter Lee Shanley
    13. Samuelle Brook Stigler nn Sami
    14. Marina Naomi Arreguin
    15. Jacob Troy Marston nn Jake
    16. Emmalyn Erin Norato nn Emma
    17. Beatrice Celina Lemon
    18. Stephanie Mariah Welsh
    19. Adam Blake Fowler
    20. Camilla Indie Beal
    21. Andrew Evan Cleary nn Drew
    22. Cristina Madison Tan

    Arreguin, Marina
    Beal, Camilla
    Cleary, Andrew Drew
    Fowler, Adam
    Heath, Jeremy Remy
    Heath, Tyler Ty
    Irving, Rachelle
    Kafatos, Chase
    Kolassa, Arusha Rue
    Lemon, Beatrice
    Luna, Damien
    Marston, Jacob Jake
    Norato, Emmalyn Emma
    Ross, Jessamine Jessa
    Shallow, Shanna Shay
    Shanley, Carter
    Solly, Kenneth Ken
    Stigler, Samuelle Sami
    Tan, Cristina
    Thyman, Paige
    Welsh, Stephanie
    Future Little Ones
    Lydia Violet, Rosalie Elsa, Cora Penelope, Amelia Isobel
    Finn Matthew, Henry Johnston, Troy Oliver, Archer Bryce

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    You are Mrs. Horan and it's your first year at South Hampstead High School. You come to class late, and have to take attendance. You go down your class list.

    1. Saffron J. L. Wilson
    2. Evelyn K. O'Connor
    3. Ailsa P. Mitchell
    4. Liam J. Horan (My son)
    5. Evan O. Hamilton
    6. Ean O. Hamilton
    7. Kalila P. J. T. Darzi
    8. Shaddia Q. Phillips
    9. Louis W. Moore
    10. Camden J. McCarthy
    11. Ryder F. Henderson
    12. Shawn L. J. Peters
    13. Melek Z. J. Jamieson
    14. Delaney P. McArthur
    15. Collin T. Howard
    16. Graceline R. Thompson
    17. Vienna J. Schutt
    18. Patience V. K. Baker
    19. Anthony P. Daniels
    20. Catherine O. Bates
    21. Tahir V. Bousaid
    22. Thia M. Sweeney

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    South Carolina
    You are Miss Analiese Faye Willows, and it's your first year at Ellersby Square High School.

    Class Roster:
    1. Raven Skye Abrams
    2. Tiffany Michelle Truette
    3. Chrystal Marie Heffner
    4. Nicholas Blake Springs “Nick
    5. Jasper Abel Graham
    6. Spencer Cain Graham
    7. Natalia Claire DermottNat
    8. Samantha Noelle ReyesSam
    9. Dalton Kent Williams
    10. Andrew Scott Michaels “Andy
    11. Vincent Luca Morris
    12. Jamal Adrian Lewis
    13. Tomika Sophia GainesMika
    14. Maria Josephine Gonzales
    15. Logan Eli Zirconia
    16. Maya Lillian Ross
    17. Allison Jane Smith
    18. Candice Jen Farrows “Candie
    19. Xander Nicolai Boroughs
    20. Tasha Kimberly Knowles
    21. Joshua Rico Martinez “Josh
    22. Holly Kai Cheng
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    I only did first names, and literally the first thing that popped into my head for each of them.

    1. Jade
    2. Shannon
    3. Kristin
    4. Jeremy
    5. Nathaniel (Nate)
    6. Ezekiel (Zeke)
    7. Emilia (Emi)
    8. Cori
    9. Grant
    10. Alexander (Alex)
    11. Blaine
    12. Abraham (Abe)
    13. Mia
    14. Lena
    15. Brandon
    16. Ashley
    17. Emma
    18. Rebecca (Becki)
    19. Samuel (Sam)
    20. Ariana
    21. Ethan
    22. Lily
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    Current faves for girls: Arabella Quinn ♥ Lyra Charlotte ♥ Kara Penelope ♥ Jessamine Claire ♥ Maren Evanna
    I'd love some votes on my name list:

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