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    Normally I'd say John is on the boring side but with a last name like Angel I think it is really perfect. John Angel sounds a little like a character name, but it also sounds like a strong, honest man. A more unusual first name might drift towards silly. Caspian Angel, Tiberius Angel etc. John is great. For the middle, I'd still go with something strong and familiar.

    John Matthias Angel, John Benjamin Angel, John Theodore Angel etc.
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    I would jump for joy if I met a baby John. All the babies I've met as of late have all had wacky names, so John would be very welcome.

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    Thankyou very much, I think most names sound like characters with our surname! As to middle name ideas, I love that you mention Simon (is DH's name...) I didn't think it sounded that good but I may be wrong! - Anyone else got an opinion on John Simon Angel?
    We like these:
    John Simon Angel
    John Frederick Angel
    John Timothy Angel
    Also thinking about John Christian Angel

    Oh yes, mishada: Caspian Angel is truely fantastic!! Haha!
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    Actually, Simon is one of my favourite names with John. John Simon just sounds wonderful!
    All the best,

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    Ooh John Simon Angel is VERY nice : D. Of course, John Tiberius Angel would have a special place in my heart too ha : D!

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