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    Is John a bit boring?

    Recently started to really love the name John. Only concern being is it a little bit "safe" and boring? Wouldn't mind some middle name ideas for John Angel if you like it. Thankyou very much, Lily

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    With your surname Angel, I think a strong, masculine and no-nonsense kind of name would be ideal and I think John fits the bill nicely. Is it boring? I guess to the people who are naming their sons Atticus and their daughters Imogen, yeah, it might be a tad boring. As far as I'm concerned, John is the boy-next-door - familiar, friendly and approachable. I have a feeling that his simple and solid name may be the one that "stands out" in the schoolyard in the years to come. I'd rather meet a John than an Aiden, Jayden, Mason or a Logan. These types of trendy names seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere and become "dated" rather quickly. These names all sound the same to me. John has a long legacy of usage since Biblical times so his name bucks any trends. You can always get a bit creative with his middle name and choose something less common. Here are some suggestions.

    John Malachi Angel
    John Thaddeus Angel
    John Barnaby Angel
    John Cyrus Angel
    John Benedict Angel
    John Felix Angel
    John Gulliver Angel
    John Harvey Angel
    John Theodore Angel
    John Frederick Angel
    John Magnus Angel
    John Zachariah Angel
    John Timothy Angel
    John Byron Angel
    John Peregrine Angel
    John Griffith Angel
    John Demetrius Angel
    John Tennyson Angel
    John Ulysses Angel
    John Broderick Angel
    John Franklin Angel
    John Lennox Angel
    John Prosper Angel
    John Simon Angel
    John Nehemiah Angel
    John Tobias Angel
    John Laurence Angel
    John Wyatt Angel
    John Silas Angel
    John Zebedee Angel
    All the best,

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    I personally prefer Jack to John but I think John is one of those names that can do no wrong. I agree with the poster above me as well that with Angel as a surname it's probably best not to go with a boys name that could have feminine undertones. I also think Johnny is a cute nickname.

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    I love the name John and of all the kids I know from my kids school and such, there is only 1 named John and he goes by Johnny.

    Here are some suggestions:

    John Tyler Angel - could either go by John, Johnny or JT
    John Matthew Angel
    John William Angel
    John Maxwell Angel

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    I do think John is a bit safe, but I'd take boring over crazy any day. And honestly, a kid might appreciate being John over Zebedee or Alastair, as great as I think those names are. Sometimes it's nice to have a name no one thinks is weird, and a nickname can always solve the problem of it being boring (and John's popularity is waning- he very well might go all through school without having another in class. A previous poster mentioned that conservative is the way to go with the surname Angel, and I definitely agree.

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