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    Name: Elizabeth Marie Woods 39
    DH: Jack Samuel Woods 42
    DH Job: Lawyer
    Job: Stay at home mom
    Home: USA, Malibu

    1. Audrey Catherine - 15 years old
    2. Lucy Adela - 14 years old
    3. Patrick Henry - 12 years old
    4. Bridget Skyla - 12 years old
    5. Evangeline Rose - 10 years old
    6. Chase Tucker - 8 years old
    7. Liam Pax - 6 years old
    8. Eloise Paz - 6 years old
    9. Seraphina Natalya - 2 years old
    10. Livia Scarlet - 6 months old

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    What is your name and age: Israel Sarah, 32
    What is your husbands name and age: Thomas Michael, 33
    What does your husband do for a living? Chef
    When you begin to have children are you a stay at home or do you have a career? Actress, but rehersals are at night so Thomas will be home.
    What county and city do you live in? New York, USA
    How long have you been married for when you decide to start a family? 3 years

    1: A girl named Ava Charity -15
    2: A boy named Lucas Bruno - 13
    3 and 4: A boy named Moses Finn and a girl named Mercy Raee - 12
    5: A girl named Jacy Priscilla - 10
    6: A boy named Chase Oscar - 9
    7 and 8: Hazel Eden and Harrison Ever, boy and girl twin set (I have blue/green eyes) - 6
    9: A girl named Evangelina Betty - 4
    10: A girl named Briella Poppy - 1

    Scarlett, Larkspur, Katherine, Petra, Wren, Sloan, Aurora
    James, Hugo, Harry, Rory, Theo, Finn
    Rory - Scarlett - Harry

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    DH: Wren Tyler Hastings (Book Editor)
    DW: Miranda Jane Hastings (Dance Instructor)

    Where we live: Rosemont, Pennselvania
    We have been married: 2 1/2 years

    DS: Asher Everett Hastings

    DD: Lucia Felicity Hastings "Lucy"

    DS/DD: Jasper Nico Hastings & Lola Cecily Hastings "Lilou"

    DD: Hanna Caroline Hastings

    DS: Oliver Tobias Hastings

    DD/DS: Aria Genesis Hastings & Xander Justice Hastings

    DD: Natalya Juliet Hastings "Naya"

    DD: Livia Ruby Hastings "Liv"

    Mandy & Wren
    Asher, Lucy, Jasper, Lilou, Hanna, Oliver, Aria, Xander, Naya & Liv
    ♣ Alexander (Alec) ♣ Britton (Brit) ♣ Camden ♣ Grant ♣ Jonathan (Jem) ♣ Theodor (Theo) ♣

    ♥ Cassandra/Cassia (Cass) ♥ Isabelle (Belle) ♥ Jessamine (Jessa) ♥ Marina ♥ Regina (Ren) ♥

    ♠ Archer ♠ Arrow ♠ August ♠ Branch ♠ Blue ♠ Everest ♠ Grey ♠ Nile ♠ North ♠ Quill ♠ Reef ♠ Ridge ♠ Rye ♠ Storm ♠ Thames ♠ West ♠
    ♦ Abbey ♦ Bay ♦ Claire ♦ Coral ♦ Cove ♦ Ireland ♦ Ivy ♦ June ♦ Olive ♦ Rome ♦ Story ♦ True ♦ Wren ♦

    Mama to a kitty named Arion Blu

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    Ontario, Canada
    DW: Charlotte Elizabeth Evans
    DH: Michael Edward Robertson

    After 2 years of marriage and a few months of trying, we get pregnant! 9 months later, we have a brand new baby girl.
    Her name: Audrey Charlotte Robertson

    By the time Charlotte is 2, we are trying again. Shortly after her 3rd birthday, she has a little brother!
    His name: Lachlan Edward Robertson

    When Audrey is 5 and Lachlan is 2, you are surprised with B/G twins!
    Their names: Nora Mae Robertson and Owen Henry Rorbertson

    Three years later: another girl!
    Her name: Clara Juliet Robertson

    Just one year passes and you welcome another little one!
    His name: Milo August Robertson

    With 6 kids, you take a bit of a break. But 3 years later, when the kids are 12, 9, 7, 7, 4 and 3, you welcome another set of twins!
    Their names: Declan Justice Robertson and Elliot True Robertson.

    Now you think you are done, but by the time the twins are 1, you are welcoming another son!
    His name: Hudson Reid Robertson

    You decide to have just one more to make it an even 10. You welcome your last child, a daughter.
    Her name: Nessa Lavender Robertson.

    The parents: Charlotte (40) and Michael (42)
    The kids: Audrey (15), Lachlan (12), Nora and Owen (10), Clara (7), Milo (6), Declan and Elliot (3), Hudson (2), and Nessa (nb).

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    What is your name and age: Liliana Lourdes Williamson, 34.
    What is your husbands name and age: Shane Carson Williamson, 35.
    What does your husband do for a living? Surgeon.
    When you begin to have children are you a stay at home or do you have a career? Part-time P.A.
    What county and city do you live in? Cary, North Carolina. ( A suburb of Raleigh and somewhere I used to live)
    How long have you been married for when you decide to start a family? Been married for 10 years and decide to start a family 8 years ago.

    (1) If your name starts with letters A-L you have a girl. Ava Felicity, Age 7.

    (2) Second Child:If you had something cool for breakfast (cereal/fruit/yoghurt etc) you have a boy. Louis Rupert, Age 6.

    (3) Next you have B/G Twins. Harry Lucas and Chloe Valentina, Ages 5.

    (4) Then you give birth to a sweet girl. Emma Caroline, Age 4.

    (5) Your fifth pregnancy is a boy. Ryder William, Age 3.

    (6) You then fall pregnant with twins again!
    If you have blue eyes you have BB. Chandler Tarot and Liam Pax, Ages 2.

    (7) If you are born in summer or spring you have a girl. Valentina Seraphina, Age 1.

    (8) Your last baby of the family is a girl. Briella Emerald, Age 3 months.

    A ten year-old girl, Lili, who loves kids and names

    Name Favorites
    Boys: Braden Carson Alexander, Jackson Edward Lee, Maxim Nicholas Matthew, Colton Liam James, and William Christopher Robert.

    Girls: Amber Kathleen Morgan, Audrina Leighton Roxy, Natasha Jade Christine, Niamh (Nee-Ve) Brenna Marie, Bridget Rebecca Raquel, Addison Katherine Annabelle, Caroline Michelle Kendra, Jordan Makenzie Valentina, Ava Izabelle Katarina, Alexia Madison Abigail, Courtney Virginia Emma, and Cassidy Brooke Taylor.

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