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Thread: Edlyn?

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    Just came across this name while browsing the internet: what do you think? Thankyou

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    Hmm. I think it's not super attractive and would be hard to hear. If I heard this name, I would wonder if someone had said Adelyn/Adeline, and I hadn't heard right. It looks made-up, perhaps by someone trying to honor an Edward or Edwin. If that's what you're wondering about, I'd suggest Edith or Eden - it's a different sound for the E, true, but I think Ed is still there, and these are much more recognizable and attractive.

    Best wishes!

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    I don't particularly like it. I've seen it before, but it's never appealed to me. I vastly prefer Edith.

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    My first thought was that it sounds like a made-up name to honor an Ed, too. Even if it isn't, it just doesn't sound very pretty to me. My mouth wants to add a vowl in between the d and l, too. Edith, Eden or Edwina are much nicer sounding, in my opinion.

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    I agree with previous posters that Edith or Eden would be a much better choice

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