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    Drop one sibset

    In this game you pick your least favorite sibset and delete it from the list. Whichever set is left is the winner. The person who finishes it can make a new list of sibsets. Enjoy!!!

    Rachel, Benjamin, and Rebekah
    Joseph, Andrew, and Naomi
    Anika, Joshua, Zachary, and Marielle
    Brooke, Paige, and Zoe
    Beth, and Megan
    Aaron, and Jacob
    Grace, Karis, and Calvin
    Rebecca, Mitchel, and Joseph
    Amy, Sarah, and Hannah
    Jenna, Ethan, Matthew, and Ruth
    Esther and Jonathan
    David and Julia
    Stephanie and Braden
    Edward, Cathryn, Diane, and Laura
    Beck and Leigh
    Nora and Nolan
    Nathan, Isaac, Seth, and Naomi
    Paige and Caroline
    Alexis and Sydney
    Ethan and David
    Abraham, Tabitha, and Moses
    Grace, Glory, Micah, and Samuel
    Taylor and Madison
    Katy, Megan, and Julia
    Caleb, Abigale, Isaac, and Charis
    Ethan, Asher, Mary, Timothy, and Isiah
    Sheryl and Kenneth
    Salome and Joana
    Anna, Samuel, Benjamin, and Daniel
    Kaitlyn, Kelly, Aaron, Amy, Hannah, Mary
    Emily, Andrew, Thomas, Seth, Luke

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