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    My Kids Best Friends Families

    Ok so I don't know if this technically counts as a name game, but its basically like CAFs, but you name them without choices I give you.

    Here's mine:

    Ted's (4) Best Friends: Owen & Saskia
    Phoebe's (2) Best Friends: Ava & Clovie

    David Lee Peters (37)
    Riley Madison Peters (39)
    Duke Joseph Peters (8)
    Owen Daniel Peters (4)
    Collin James Peters (2)

    David & Riley with Duke, Owen, and Collin

    Nathaniel Chase Ryan (35)
    Olivia Plum Ryan (35)
    Octavia Cyra Ryan (6)
    Saskia Maren Ryan (4)
    Jarvis Penn Ryan (1)
    Romilly Anouk Ryan (1)

    Nathaniel & Olivia with Octavia, Saskia, Jarvis, and Romilly

    Elliot James Greene (35)
    Cathrine Elise Greene "Kate" (27)
    Ava Lydia Scarlett Greene (2)

    Elliot & Kate with Ava

    Charles Isaiah Thurston "Charlie" (30)
    Julia Ellen Thurston "Jules" (29)
    Elowin Claire Thurston "Winnie (6)
    Clover Alice Thurston "Clovie" (3)

    Charlie & Jules with Winnie and Clovie
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    This could be realllllly long so I'm just doing their BFFs!

    My Family:
    Rebecca Bryna Smithson {Nee. Aarons} [32]
    Benjamin "Benjy" Michael Smithson [31]
    DD: Haylie Diana [12] - best friend: Gracelynn Airabella
    DS: Emmett Mason [10] - best friend: Jordan Liam
    DS: Ryan Shai [6] - best friend: Kian Bentley

    Rebecca and Benjy, and our children Haylie, Emmett, and Ryan.

    The Johns Family:
    Annabelle Carrie Johns {Nee. Hattin} [42]
    Christian Samuel Johns [43]
    DD: Thea Victoria Johns [17]
    DS: Justin Seth Johns [14]
    DD: Gracelynn "Gracie" Airabella [11]
    DD: Lea Giselle [7]

    Annabelle and Christian, and their children Thea, Justin, Gracie, and Lea.

    The Jacoby Family:
    Brandon Binyamin Jacoby [30]
    Devorah Sarah Jacoby {Nee. Cohen} [31]
    DS: Jordan Liam [10]
    DD: Jessica "Jessie" Bina [8]
    DD/DD: Gabriel "Gabbie" Chaya & Maya Gila [3]

    Brandon and Devorah, and their children Jordan, Jessie, Gabbie, and Maya.

    The Dawson-Jodd Family:
    Jesus Walter Dawson
    David Marcus Jodd
    DS: Kian Bentley [7]
    DD: Avery Rochelle [3 mo.]

    Jesus and David, and their children Kian and Avery.

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    My Family:

    DH: Uriah Radcliffe-Frey (38)
    DW: Seraphina Pearl Frey (borrowed from you sig) "Sera" (32)
    DS: Oliver Branson Frey (9)
    DD: Penelope Jane Frey "Nell/Nelly" (7)

    Uriah & Sera with Oliver and Nell

    Nell's Best Friends: Cami & Etta

    DH: Richard Irwin Prady (43)
    DW: Keira Jean Prady (40)
    DD: Giselle Irene Prady "Elle" (13)
    DD: Camilla Joy Prady "Cami" (7)

    Richard & Keira with Elle and Cami

    DH: Antonio Martin Castillo (48)
    DW: Emily Rachel Castillo (38)
    DD: Julietta Florence Castillo "Etta" (7)
    DD: Mirabella Josephine Castillo "Mira" (4)
    DS: Massimo August Castillo "Massi" (3)
    DS: Filippo Edward Castillo "Fil" (1)

    Antonio & Emily with Etta, Mira, Massi, Fil

    Oliver's Best Friends: Henry & Julian

    DH: Ezra James Cornwall (36)
    DW: Lorelai Claire Cornwall (39)
    DS: Henry Alvin Cornwall (9)
    DS: Chuck Finley Cornwall (5)
    DD: Lucy Mara Cornwall (nb)

    Ezra & Lorelai with Henry, Chuck, Lucy

    DH: Clive Alexander Pruitt (54)
    DW: Martha Agnes Pruitt (36)
    DD: Charlotte Amelia Pruitt "Lottie" (14)
    DD: Elizabeth Adelaide Pruitt "Betsy" (11)
    DS: Julian Andrew Pruitt (9)
    DS/DS: Felix Alfred Pruitt and Thomas Adam Pruitt "Tom/Tommy" (4)

    Clive & Martha with Lottie, Betsy, Jules, Felix, Tommy
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    Maximilian's BF's (4) : Georgina & Dexter
    Sofie's BF's (2) : Juliet & Anne

    Alexander Paul Mueller (37)
    Lucy Nell (Becker) Mueller (39)
    Conner Reed Mueller (8)
    Georgina Maisie Mueller (4)
    Joseph Kit Mueller (2)

    Alex & Lucy with Conner, Georgie, & Joey

    William Dexter Schafer (35)
    Clare Eve (Koch) Schafer (35)
    Briony Sofia Schafer (6)
    Dexter William Schafer(4)
    Theo Mason Schafer (1)
    Matilda Prudence Schafer (1)

    Will & Clare with Briony Dexter, Theo, Tillie

    Gabriel Massimo Bauer (35)
    Kerensa May (Richter) Bauer (27)
    Juliet Gwen Bauer (2)

    Gabe & Kerri with Juliet

    Lewis Paul Klein(30)
    Tessa Ruth (Wolf) (29)
    Luna Pearl Klein (6)
    Anne Marietta Klein (3)

    Lewis & Tessa with Luna & Anne

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