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    1. I was born in November (11; odd)
    My Name is Eden Belle

    2. I am not wearing a watch
    My hubby's name is Sean Killian

    3. (In Real Life) I am 14.
    Our son's name is Arthur Emmett

    4. I have brown hair
    Our girls are named Imogen Hazel and Iris Blanche

    5. My hair is in a ponytail
    We name our second set of twins Philippa Simone and Josephine Nicole

    6. I am not watching TV. I am on Nameberry
    Our son is named Blake Miles

    7. I am in my livingroom
    We name our son Simeon Josiah

    8. I have never seen "Supernatural"
    We have another boy named Victor "Vic" Stephen

    9. I have never read Twilight. I have seen one of the movies. I don't think I like or dislike it, either way. i don't "Love" it, so, dislike, I suppose.
    We name our girls Adela Joan and Augusta Beatrice

    10. I liked this game ^)
    Our last baby, a boy, is named George Louis

    Eden & Sean
    Arthur, Imogen, Iris, Philippa, Josephine, Blake, Simeon, Vic, Adela, Agusta, George

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