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    Finally Chose My Name

    Hello berries,

    I've been lurking, and more recently posting on Nameberry in search for the perfect name for myself. I've disliked my pretty, but very common name, Emily Rose, ever since I became Emily K. in the 8th grade. After much searching, scanning lists and listening to opinions, I've chosen my new name;

    Tallulah Margot

    I feel that it suits me, and I look forward to experiencing life as Tallulah, no last initial! Thank you all to helped me with my numerous lists, and to those who gave their opinions, because I certainly would not have chosen the names I did without help from the berries!

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    Good on you! My middle name is Margot and it is used on a daily basis and I love it, a very, very good choice. Tallulah is great because it has that wonderful carefree vibe and the cutest nn of Lulu.

    Well done and enjoy your new persona.


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    Much appreciated rollo! I love your name.

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    Tallulah Margot is spunky/quirky and I love it! Congrats on finding the perfect name!
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    I like it!
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