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    Feedback on Lucy Penelope - UPDATE

    My four-year-old daughter actually suggested Penelope as a middle name for Lucy. I think it would be very sweet if her sister had some say in helping with her name. I can't think of any issues that come from this combination. My husband even likes it and this is a big plus because it's been hard to find names that we both like for this baby. What do you think? I'd appreciate any feedback (positive or negative). Thank you! I find out in just two weeks if baby #4 is a boy or a girl.

    UPDATE: We found out today that we will be having another girl, and we have decided to go with Lucy Penelope as her name. Thank you so much for all of the great feedback!
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    That is so sweet!!! I think it is very cute I don't see any problems with it unless your last name ends in a long EE sound, then it might sound silly for all of her names to end in the sound. I think it is really cute though and would be a great story to tell her where her name came from

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    It's so sweet! Both the name and that her sister came up with it.
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    I think it works well in style and sound.

    Did you see over on namecandy that the singer Kasey Chambers recently let her kids pick her new daugther's MN...she is named Poet Poppin'. Yes, with an apostrophe. Supposedly because she referred to the baby's movements in utero as "poppin' like corn". Lucy Penelope is head and shoulders better...

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    I really like Lucy Penelope:-)

    My niece is Penelope and I love her name! She is Penelope Patricia.

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