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    Pregnancy/Parenting Books?

    What are your favorite books about pregnancy and/or parenting? Is there any particular one that really shaped your experience or your approach?



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    I loved the books written by Dr. William Sears, he's written a whole bunch and one of them is called "the Sleep Book", I loved that one because it really put into perspective why babies sleep the way they do, and what parents can do to respect this and at the same time get optimal sleep, I felt much more at peace with his advice than with any of the "sleep training" books that are out there. He's also written one about toddlers as well as one about birth. I would really recommend all his books.
    I would not recommend "On Becoming Babywise" by Gary Ezzo, the breastfeeding advice is terrible and just plain wrong, plus he recommends feeding a baby on a schedule and letting them cry themselves to sleep, it just gave me a sick feeling as I read it, and the recommendation wouldn't have worked for my baby at all. "The Babywhisperer" is not as harsh as Babywise, but still follows along the same lines, so again wouldn't recommend that one.

    Good luck, and remember it's always best to go with your instincts, no matter what any book says!

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    I liked The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy a lot. It was very informative without being alarmist. Well organized and clear.
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