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    Ovulation Test Kits?

    Hubby and I will be TTC soon. I'm starting an "ovulation calendar" to prepare =). Has anyone used an OTK? I'm curious as to which ones are good and if they really work. Has anyone had "success" with them?

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    I didn't use one, so I'm not very helpful but I was just about to buy one when I found out I was prego we had been trying for about 4 months and I was tracking my periods and charting when I thought I was ovulating. I was so frustrated by August because I thought it would happen quickly with all my planning, so I thought I would take a break worrying about it and then buy a OTK for July when surprise! I had gotten pregnant when I stopped trying to control everything! I think the kits may be pretty expensive (unless you find one on eBay) so I would try for a while without spending the money, and then make the decision. And remember, when you do start trying, DO NOT STRESS! I swear that's what was holding me back! Good luck
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    I used them with both of my pregnancies. With my daughter I got pregnant on the second month and with my son I got pregnant on the first month. Maybe it would have been that easy without using it--I don't know--but they definitely worked well for us!

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    Thanks ladies! I'm a teacher so I'm really hoping to get pregnant sometime between June and August (This would give me 5 months off instead of 6 weeks if all goes well). Hopefully by planning ahead we might have a shot! I know you can buy the digital one and then extra test strips. Hopefully if I start using it now, by June I'll have a good idea of the best times to ttc? Here's to hoping!

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    Don't waste your money on the digital ones. I've been TTC for 6 months now for our second child (first one happened first month!). I'd been buying the generic Walgreen's ones for about $20 and thought maybe it was time to try a fancier version so this month I got the ClearBlue Easy. The only difference is that you read a digital screen for the results instead of a paper slip. Frankly, if you need a digital screen to tell you the difference between 2 lines and 1 lines, you aren't fit to raise a kid! LOL

    I don't think the quality of the OTK has anything to do with not being successful yet.

    Save your money and get the generic ones. And definitely get the ones that include 20 strips and not just 2. At least the first few times to pin down when you tend to ovulate. Plus, first thing in the morning, having to assemble the digital one is a pain when I really really have to pee!

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