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Thread: Coral?

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    What does everybody think of the name Coral? I liked it a long time ago and I'm now warming up to it again. What does everybody think of it?


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    I actually think its a really cute name! It's different without being out there. If Cora and Coraline are being used a lot then why not Coral?

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    I agree; it's a nice name. Sort of a vintage vibe, and unique, without being outdated or weird.

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    It's alright, but sounds a little to "old ladyish" to me... sorry

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    Hey, I've like the name Coral for a while! It's cool and vintage, and it's a colour and a nature name! I love the colour coral, so that's definetly a plus for me!

    The only problem I see is that I don't know if I like how the last "l" sounds, but it's just my impression!

    Good luck!

    P.S: Good blog!
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