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Thread: Newly pregnant

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    Newly pregnant

    And I've realized today that my vitamin make me nauseous. What prenatal vitamin did you take when you were pregnant?

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    You can take 2 Flinstones vitamins and get the same effect. I know a lot of women who have had to switch to that.
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    My prenatal vitamin did the same thing during this last pregnancy and the dr gave me a different brand, which helped a lot, and I also started taking the vitamins at night before bed, which also made a huge difference.

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    First of all, congratulations! I definitely know what you are going through. I had a friend that, in addition to taking the vitamins at night, took them with a glass of milk. I can't mix flavors that way, but usually orange juice worked for me. I always use the Nature Made brand, because I tried many others that were worse. Try talking to your OB about some samples. I did that, and just smelled the vitamin. If its scent made me sick to my stomach I didn't try it. It may help you find something that works! Good luck, and good job on taking care of your little one so early on. Also, you may try sneaking in an extra folic acid supplement, especially if you aren't getting other vitamins. Just eat healthy foods and that will supply at least some of the necessary nutrients. Don't feel bad if you go a couple weeks without a prenatal. My OB told me to skip them for about 2 weeks because I was so incredibly ill with #1. #2 was much easier, and I was sick for a much shorter period of Time.

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    Yay! Another newly pregnant momma I actually take Health Balance brand prenatals (available at Costco) with my breakfast, but they have been making me feel a little yucky so the nurse at my docs office said to take it with lunch or dinner (whenever you eat the most food). I am 10 and a half weeks along and I have actually started to feel a lot better the past week, so hopefully you will feel better soon too
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