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    You are 27 years old and you work as a Fashion Designer. You have been happily married to the man of your dreams for two years, his name is Holden Isaac Evans and he works as a Lawyer.

    You and your husband are both happy in your marriage and careers and would like to start your own family, for the past 6 months you have been trying to conceive a child but haven’t had any luck... Until one day you realise your 2 weeks late, you immediately make an appointment with your doctor and she confirms what you and your husband and been hoping and dreaming for. You are pregnant!

    At your 12 week scan your doctor gives you even better news; there are two heartbeats... your expecting twins!! On the way home from the scan you just cant believe how lucky you are to be not only expecting a child but expecting two, feeling lucky and blessed you decide to purchase a lottery ticket.

    5 Days later when out shopping with your husband you check your ticket and low and behold you have won! Not only have you won the lottery but you have won 27 Million Dollars!!!$$$$.
    Throughout the rest of your pregnancy you use the money to help family and friends out and you give to charity and of course buy a beautiful home (and plenty of vacation homes!). Even though with your winnings you are set for life you and your husband decide to invest some money in a variety of businesses. You can choose 4 From:
    4) Childcare Centre’s
    7) Fashion Company 8) Real Estate
    9) Restaurants

    You and your husband are living a dream life and you both are waiting excitiedly for the arrival of your twins.

    Pregnancy Number 1 - Finally you give birth to your twins B/B

    First Names from:
    Middle Names From:

    Names: Kai Hudson and Kingston Levi

    Pregnancy Number 2 – When the twis are 2 ½ years old you give birth to a beautiful baby boy
    First Name From:
    Middle Name From:

    Name: Scout Declan

    Pregnancy Number 3 - when your youngest is walking and talking you find out your expecting again, this time a baby girl
    Her First Name From:
    Her Middle Name From:

    Name: Katya Paige

    Pregnancy Number 4 - On the day of your youngest daughters 3rd birthday party you realise you are pregnant, you have been so busy organising the party and taking care of your older children you hadn’t noticed you were late, 8 months later you give birth to a B/G Twins
    Boys First Name From:
    Boys Middle Name From:
    Girls First Name From:
    Girls Middle Name From:

    Names: Dallan Julius and Evangeline Juliet

    When the twins are three a terrible tragedy strikes in Australia, Your family sees on the 6pm news the devastation caused by extreme flooding, you all are shocked and cannot believe the images you are seeing. You want to help but just not sure how, so you and your husband organise a shipment of goods to fly over in your private jet. The whole family goes as well to try and help in anyway that you can, when your there you visit a temporary shelter set up, while you are there you meet many children and adults, but you come across a miracle set of beautiful blonde haired blue eyed quads, only 4 months old but have been orphaned because their parents have sadly passed. At the shelter there are sadly many children left orphaned but your oldest twins become especially attached to these young innocent babies needing love and care.

    As you and your family leave the shelter that day all your hearts are breaking, your eldest son brings up the idea of adopting the quads, all your children are in agreement as is your husband so days later you go back to the shelter and begin the process of officially adopting them.
    Adoption 1 – you can choose the quads genders: BBGG
    Boys First Names:
    Boys Middle Names From:
    Girls First Names From:
    Girls Middle Names From:

    Names: Crosby Madden, Brenner Reeve, Haydee Violet and Fleur Asia

    Your quads are now 18 months old and you and your husband meet a couple at the baby class that you take the quads too, they have 3 children, all have been adopted and they are big supporters of adoption. The next day when the quads are having a nap you decide to google the adoption service the lady at baby class mentioned, you end up making an appointment with one of their social workers, unbeknownst to your husband. A part of you knew if you meet with this lady and saw the children you wouldn’t be able to say no, but you went anyway and as predicted your heart longed for all the children there.
    You go home and tell your husband, he’s shocked you went but can understand why, you both just love all your children and enjoy having a home filled with children, love, fun and care. The two of you decide to add to your family again, you decide to apply to adopt two children, thinking the agency would let you adopt only one. But a few weeks later you get a call from the agency to say both application(S!) have been approved!!!

    Adoption 2 – Boy aged 5 months and Girl – only weeks old.
    First Names From Either : or
    Middle Names From:

    Names: Penn Jasper and Willa Mae

    Pregnancy Number 5 – Two years later you are surprised to find you are expecting another child. You give birth to a girl on the first day of summer
    First Name From:
    Middle Name From:

    Name: Aria Vinnie

    When your baby girls is only 9 months old you discover you are pregnant again! You find out you are expecting a baby boy and you decide this baby will be your last. Because he is your last you decide to give him a first name from this list
    First Name:
    Middle Name:

    Name: Zane River
    Favorite Names
    Girls: Adalyn, Aria, Darcy, Hollyn, Isla, Kaylynn, Lyra, Maisie
    Boys: Atticus, Chandler, Declan, Ezra, Holden, Kieran, Parrish, Silas My name list!

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