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    Congrats! I love their names.

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    Congrats! Wren and Eloise are perfect!
    Ben & Lainy
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    Thanks so much everyone! These replies are making me even more weepy then I already am! Damn those hormones!

    Everyone in our family (let alone the NICU nurses) is loving how endearing the friendship tie is as well, I am super thrilled that we managed to come up with that idea last minute, berries!

    Rollo, yes Douglas and I, and of course our dr were thrilled with their weights! Now it's just a matter of keeping that weight on, and making sure they get enough oxygen before coming home!

    The girls (my grin is huge as i type that out, finally some gals who (may) want to shop with me!!) are fraternal, so they definitely do not look identical but they sure are sisters. Both have blue eyes (which i think should stick and not turn into any other colour) just like their brothers, the main difference is that Birdie has the slightest tinge of strawberry in her hair, while Lola has definite blonde peach fuzz! And Lola has the same pouty lips that both Rigby and Doug share. They are so perfect it's unbelievable, but then again this is their mother gushing over them!!!

    Frenchie! Congratulations! The last time we were talking you weren't yet pregnant. All the best, and i can't wait to see what your next ends up being named. I will have to stick around on the (little) spare time that i will have, now that there is going to be 4 kids to chase!

    I better catch sleep while I can,

    All the best
    xo Viv
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    AHh! Gorgeous names!! And they sound like a couple of little beauties! Congratulations to the whole family!!!!!!! Yay for some girlies Enjoy this special time.

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