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    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. So happy for you!
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    Aw, Viv, I'm so excited for you guys! I think going with two middle names for your two girls was a great idea, and I love the eternal friendship idea that you had with Amity and Bellamy - really sweet, and if you're girls are anything like my twin sister and I, it will definitely hold true! Wren and Eloise, Birdie and Lola, are so perfect for your family, and I love them with Rig and Mills.

    Happy birthday, Wren Charlotte Amity and Eloise Cleo Bellamy Taliesin! May you leave the NICU happy and healthy very, very soon.

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    Congrats and welcome to the world. Two very well named little girls!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vivtaliesin View Post
    Well, Thanksgiving day sure gave us lots to be thankful for!

    On Monday October 10, Douglas, Rigby, Miller and I are pleased to announce the birth of our TWIN GIRLS! After much deliberation, and after seeing their beautiful faces they were named

    Wren Charlotte Amity "Birdie"
    Eloise Cleo Bellamy "Lola"

    Wren was born at 2:36pm at 5lb 10oz, and Eloise was not far behind, born 2 minutes later at 5lb 6oz. They are currently in the NICU as most twin preemies born at 36 weeks, but they are such champs and on the road to being sent home within the next few days!

    As for their names (the most important part to you guys!), the surprise to you would be we DID end up going with 2 middle names! When i brought up the idea of Amity & Bellamy meaning friendship to Douglas, and the lifelong friendship these girls will have, he thought it was the coolest idea, and my sis Amelia is thrilled to be "honoured" too!
    Eloise was almost Cleo, but in the end Eloise won over for being a long time favorite and for being more sophisticated, so we decided to put Cleo in the middle. As many of you know, Eloise honours Eleanor & Elizabeth, and Cleo honors Claudine & Leola!
    Wren was always a front runner after figuring out she could honour Lawrence, and Charlotte honours Charles.

    Rig & Mills can't wait for "their girls" to get home, and neither can we!

    But seriously guys, i can not thank you enough in the helping to name Birdie & Lola. Who knows what they would have ended up being named had we not found this group of awesome people! Gushy gushy, lovey lovey, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

    xoxo infinitely
    Viv, Douglas, Rigby, Miller, Wren & Eloise!!!!!!!

    First up HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! You and Douglas are awesome namers I just love the combos that you chose, being able to honour all those relations was awesome. I am so pleased that you were able to include Bellamy, Cleo and Amity. I love the way that the last name for the girls ends in a 'y' and if you put Belle and Amity together if I am not mistaken that means beautiful friend, wow, love that!

    I am super pleased that you went with your favourite first name combo ie Wren and Eloise because it was obvious that these were very close to your heart, but to get the bonus of using Amity, Bellamy and Cleo (just noticed A, B and C) that was wonderful.

    I have loved following your name journey all this time and thanks for coming here to nameberry it has been such fun to help out along the way with lots of suggestions.

    What fantastic weights the girls are for premmies. I am sure that they will settle in at home very soon.

    Do the girls look alike?

    Warmest best wishes I am very happy for you all,


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