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    1. Viola Ruby [VY-oh-luh]: I don't really like this name. There are too many pronunciation variants and it sounds like a stuffier version of the sweet Violet.
    2. Tallulah Alice (Lulu): I love the name Tallulah, but would never actually use it. Most people consider it to be weird and out there. What about Louisa? You could still have the nickname Lulu, or my personal favorite Lula.
    3. Adelaide Flora (Ada): BEAUTIFUL NAME! I love the name Adelaide. Don't really like the nickname Ada. Either way it's a beautiful name and beautiful combo!
    4. Rose Hermione (considering a variant of Rose, not sure?)*: Again, I love it. Rose is one of my favorites. Hermione would be too out there for a first name, but I think it's fabulous for a middle. Amazing combo!
    5. India Bluebell (Indie): I don't like India, and Bluebell is just trying too hard.
    6. Maya Seraphine [MY-uh]: This is a nice name. It's not my style, but it is definitely a good name with a pretty combo.
    7. Ottilie Winter (Lily) [OT-il-ee]: I don't like Winter. I think that Ottilie will be hard for most people to spell and pronounce. It's a nice name, but a bit too international.

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    Personally, I love India Bluebell. I think it's adorable and whimsical and different. I like that the English use 2 middle names. I especially like India Bluebell Kitty. How sweet!!

    India also reminds me of my favorite movie, Gone with the Wind. A very overlooked, underused name. Best of both worlds: not too common, but still very usable without being weird. And if she's a tomboy, Indie is super cute and adventurous.

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    I love India Bluebell Kitty! Gorgeous I think Indie is definitely a spunky nickname, I hope it would work for a girlier girl too though.

    I like Violet a lot, it's getting so popular though. To me, Viola seems like the best alternative, and I do think it's very pretty. I don't really like Louisa. I like Eloisa, but I can't really see myself using it. I don't think Tallulah's all that "out there" though I do get the issue people have with Bluebell, that's why I'm on the fence about it. I adore it, but sometimes it sounds like it's just too much.
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    1. Viola Ruby
    I'm not a big fan of Viola, much prefer Violette, but Viola Ruby has a nice vintage ring to it.

    2. Tallulah Alice (Lulu)
    I agree with the notion that it runs together and is a lot of L for one name. I think Alice Tallulah sounds nicer, but either way it's a nice combination.

    3. Adelaide Flora (Ada)
    I adore Adelaide nicknamed Ada. So so so much. Flora I'm not a huge fan of either, but it sounds nice with Adelaide.

    4. Rose Hermione
    My second favorite on your list! I love the use of the name Hermione on an actual child, it's beautiful. And Hermione Granger is a good association for a name! Plus Rose is just so pretty.

    5. India Bluebell (Indie)
    Not a fan of place names, but Indie is the coolest little girl nickname. Bluebell is a really sweet middle name, and it goes nicely with India or Indie.

    6. Maya Seraphine
    My favorite of your list. Beautiful, beautiful name.

    7. Ottilie Winter (Lily)
    I don't understand the appeal of Ottilie personally. A lot of people seem to love it but I think it has a lot of pronunciation problems, a lot of spelling problems, and to my ear just doesn't sound very nice. Winter is a beautiful middle name, but only if the baby is born in Winter, in my opinion.

    I love your list in general, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who keeps a running list even though I'm years from having kids!
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    1. Viola Ruby [vy-OH-luh] - Pretty! I prefer Violet to Viola, but Viola is still nice. I'm not a huge fan of Ruby, but it looks nice with Viola.
    2. Tallulah Alice (Lulu) - I adore Tallulah, but this combo just isn't working for me. L heavy.
    3. Adelaide Flora (Ada) - I like Adelaide, but Flora looks incomplete to me. Not crazy about the combo.
    4. Rose Hermione (considering a variant of Rose, not sure?)* - I like Rose, and I'm eh about Hermione. I don't like them as a pair, though.
    5. India Bluebell (Indie) - It's quite pretty. Kind of pretentious though.
    6. Maya Seraphine [MY-uh] - I really hate the name Maya. I don't know why, but it's always seemed so unsubstantial and wishy-washy and forgettable to me. Seraphine is okay; I prefer Seraphina though.
    7. Ottilie Winter (Lily) [OT-il-ee] - Ottilie is German, I think. It's pretty! But Winter is...ugh, I don't like it. I like the concept, but the name itself just feels cold and pretentious.
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