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    1. If you aren't named after someone- Your Name: Daisy Catalina

    2. If you are from the east- Hubby's Name: Mateo Finian

    2. If your favorite number is from 0-20 you have one girl, Name: Felicity Madeleine

    3. If you attended a university/college you have twins (B/G) girls Names: Nora June, Elliot Darcy

    4. If you are 21-29 you have a girl, Name: Zara Dagny

    5. If you like vegetables you have (B/B/B) triplets, Names: Nolan Finnegan, Flynn Sullivan, Rooney Madigan

    6. If you know how to swim you have (B/B/G/G) Quadruplets, Names: Nero Cassius, Augustus Felix, Callaia Ora, Lilliale Luna

    7. If you don't have a favorite sport you have (G/G/G) triplets, Names: Gemma Paz, Elodie Luz, Cosima Inez

    List all of your names:
    Daisy Catalina
    Mateo Finian

    Felicity Madeleine
    Nora June
    Elliot Darcy
    Zara Dagny
    Nolan Finnegan
    Flynn Sullivan
    Rooney Madigan
    Nero Cassius
    Augustus Felix
    Callaia Ora
    Lilliale Luna
    Gemma Paz
    Elodie Luz
    Cosima Inez

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